What is Testalgia & How is it Treated?|Causes, Complications of Testalgia

What is Testalgia?

Testalgia refers to pain in the testicles. The testicles are reproductive organs shaped like an egg present in the scrotum. Testalgia can be a very unpleasant experience by a man. He finds it difficult to sit and move about. Testalgia also interferes with the ability to carry out errands. Testalgia more often is preceded by pain in the abdominal area or groin.

If an individual has abdominal or groin pain which has no logical explanation then it should be evaluated to look for any abnormalities related to the testicles. Testalgia is a condition which should not be ignored as it may be a sign of a serious medical problem.

What is Testalgia & How is it Treated?

What Causes Testalgia?

There can be numerous causes for Testalgia. An injury or trauma like being hit in the scrotal area by an object like a ball during competitive play may lead to Testalgia. However, in most cases testalgia is caused by certain medical conditions. Testalgia can be caused due to damage to the nerves in the scrotal area due to diabetes. A medical condition called epididymitis in which there is inflammation of the testicles normally caused due to sexually transmitted diseases that also causes Testalgia.

Testicular torsion is perhaps the most common cause of Testalgia. If testicular torsion is not treated appropriately then it causes gangrene resulting in Testalgia. Hydrocele is yet another common medical condition which causes Testalgia. Inguinal hernia is also known to cause Testalgia.

Certain other medical conditions that cause Testalgia are renal stones, spermatocele, undescended testicle, and varicocele. A serious medical condition called testicular cancer is also known to cause testalgia.

How Do You Treat Testalgia?

Pain in testicles due to a minor injury or trauma that does not require any treatment can be taken care of at home by just using ice to calm down the swelling, inflammation, and pain. The individual can also wear an athletic supports to support the testicles. The individual can also lie down by placing a towel under the scrotum to calm down the swelling and pain. Over the counter pain medications are also of help to get rid of Testalgia.

More severe forms of Testalgia require treatment. The healthcare provider will first do a complete physical examination of the scrotal, abdominal, and groin area to identify any abnormalities that may be causing the pain. A detailed medical history of the patient will also be taken to see if there is any underlying medical condition that may be causing Testalgia.

After a detailed history is taken and a physical examination is done, the doctor will order certain laboratory test like an ultrasound of the scrotal area and urinalysis. Once a cause for the pain is identified treatment is started for Testalgia.

The treatment measures depend on the cause of the condition. A condition like Testicular Torsion requires immediate treatment. Generally it requires surgery to unwind the twisted testicle which is causing Testalgia. For undescended testicles, again surgery may be required to correct this deformity. Hernia and hydrocele can also be corrected by surgery.

For testalgia caused due to infection antibiotics are prescribed. Pain medications are prescribed to treat Testalgia caused by infections apart from the antibiotics given for treating the underlying infection.

What are the Complications of Testalgia?

Testalgia in majority of the cases is successfully treated. A condition like Testicular Torsion however if left untreated can cause permanent damage to the testicle. It may impact the fertility of an individual. Gangrene is also one of the complications arising out of testicular torsion which may become serious if it spreads to other parts of the body.

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