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What Happens To Untreated Interstitial Cystitis & When To Go To Doctor For It?

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic bladder type of health problem. It involves a feeling of pressure and pain in your bladder region. The pain in this case lasts for about 6weeks without any clear reason or infection.(1)

IC and its symptoms lead to urgent and painful trips to the bathroom for many numbers of times in one day. For instance, a patient has to pee for about 40 times to 60 times in one day if he/she has a severe case of IC. It also forces a person to stay awake at night.(2)

The underlying cause of interstitial cystitis and its symptoms has remained a mystery among doctors and urologists. However, researchers have revealed certain factors, which contribute towards the development of IC condition.(3)

What Happens To Untreated Interstitial Cystitis?

We know that interstitial cystitis is more or less similar to urinary tract infection. Hence, if you leave your condition of IC untreated, it creates a long-lasting effect on the quality of your life you lead. Especially, untreated interstitial cystitis leads to following ill effects-

Reduction In The Capacity Of Your Bladder: Interstitial cystitis and its underlying symptoms result in stiffening of the urinary bladder walls. This further leads to reducing its capability to hold the amount of urine.

Low Quality Of Life: Chronic pain in the pelvic area and the problem of frequent urination may interfere with your daily life.

Problems Related To Sexual Intimacy: Pain and frequent urination may cause strain in your sexual intimacy and other related issues.

Emotional Stress: Interrupted sleep and chronic form of pain related to interstitial cystitis and its symptoms may sometime cause huge emotional stress followed by depression.(4)

Kidney Infection: Untreated bladder infections, including the condition of interstitial cystitis, may cause kidney infection to damage the kidneys permanently. Old adults and young children remain at high risk related to kidney damage because of bladder infections.

Presence Of Blood In The Urine: With interstitial cystitis, you may have certain blood cells in the urine, which are visible only with the microscopic device and they usually resolve with treatment.(5)

When To Go To Doctor For Interstitial Cystitis?

An individual suffering from interstitial cystitis or suspected to be an interstitial cystitis patient should schedule an appointment with the doctor if he/she-

Kidney Infection Type Of Symptoms: One should seek immediate medical care if he or she has signs and symptoms, which are similar to a kidney infection. These are chills and fever, side or back pain, vomiting, and/or nausea problems.

Painful Or Frequent Urination: If you develop frequent, painful, and urgent urination, which lasts for many hours, you should call your doctor immediately.

Presence Of Blood In The Urine: Consult your doctor in the case of noticing a few drops of blood in the urine.

Return Of Interstitial Cystitis: If you are a patient of interstitial cystitis and your symptoms return even after you complete a specific course of antibiotic medicine, you should call your doctor. In this situation, the doctor will re-examine your condition and give you a different type of medicine/medicine. Alternatively, he/she recommends you for diagnose any other health condition along with IC.

Daytime Wetting In Children: If your kid starts incidents related to daytime wetting suddenly, you should give a call to your doctor and your pediatrician.(6)


If you leave your condition of interstitial cystitis untreated, it leads to many ill effects shortly. Hence, you should immediately consult your doctor if you have frequent or painful urination, kidney problem type symptoms, blood cells in the urine, and similar others.


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