What is the Healing Time for Ruptured Bladder?

What Do We Mean By Ruptured Bladder?

The bladder is the urine reservoir of the body. It is a muscular sac which is located behind the pubic bone. The bladder is made up of muscle tissues which have the ability to contract and expand when the bladder is empty or full respectively. The urine is made in the kidneys and is transported to the bladder where it collects till the bladder is full and cannot hold any more urine. The collected urine is then transported to the urethra from where it is eliminated from the body.

As the bladder is quite close to the bony structures around the pelvic region thus it predisposes this muscular sac to injuries. Majority of injuries to the bladder occur in the dome of the bladder which is by far the weakest part of the bladder. An injury to the bladder which causes a tear in the walls of the bladder is termed as a bladder rupture.

An individual with a ruptured bladder will have gross hematuria along with lower abdominal pain and tenderness with inability to void or pass urine. While there may be several causes for a Ruptured Bladder, blunt trauma or penetrating injuries are the most common.

Pelvic fractures are yet another common cause of a Ruptured Bladder. While some injuries are minor and do not take much time to heal, there are certain injuries which require emergent treatment and take more time to heal. This article gives an idea as to the time it requires for a ruptured bladder to heal.

What is the Healing Time for Ruptured Bladder?

What is the Healing Time for Ruptured Bladder?

A rupture in the bladder will cause urine to leak from the bladder but this can be easily managed by inserting a catheter in the bladder and draining all the urine such that urine does not get mixed with the bloodstream.

The time that it requires for a Bladder rupture to heal depends on the extent and size of the rupture. For a moderate sized rupture it will require draining for up to two weeks at maximum and then checked for healing.

More than 80% of bladder ruptures heal within two weeks of the injury and it requires around a month for all types of bladder ruptures to heal completely with the affected individual regaining the ability to void independently without any drainage required from catheters.

However, if the adjacent areas of the bladder are also injured and a surgical procedure is required to treat those then the bladder rupture can also be fixed at the same time during the surgery.

If surgery is done to fix a bladder rupture then it may take around 8-10 weeks for an individual to completely heal and void independently after sustaining a bladder rupture.

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