Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy: Causes, Ways to Relieve it

Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

Vaginal pain during pregnancy may be experienced by some women in their second trimester. Some women may undergo this pain in vagina all throughout their pregnancy. Usually, vaginal pain during pregnancy is not a sign of complication, however, severe, unbearable vaginal pain may need medical attention. It is important to know what causes vaginal pain during pregnancy and the necessary steps to relieve it.

Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

What Causes Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy?

As vaginal pain in pregnancy is commonly experienced by many ladies, however, in some cases there may be an underlying medical condition.

Fetus Pressure Can Cause Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

Gradual growth of fetus and increasing pressure is one of the common causes of sharp pain in vagina during pregnancy. This pain may start around second trimester, when women feel their baby is pressing down near their pelvic zone thus causing excruciating pain in their pelvic nerves. Even during the last trimester, when the woman gets closer to the delivery date and the fetus gets lower, the pain and the pressure can cause vaginal pain.

The growing fetus exerts pressure on the pelvic ligaments and nerves. When the nerve stretches it causes pinching pain. Few women feel pain only for few minutes and seconds, while for some sharp vaginal pain may last longer. The best way to relieve vaginal pain during pregnancy is to lie down turning to the left side. When you lie down on your left, it will be possible for the baby to readjust. However few find sitting to be as comfortable as lying; sitting can also help to relieve pressure and vaginal pain during pregnancy.

Increased Blood Flow in Pregnancy

Increased blood flow to the vagina is another common cause of pain in vagina during pregnancy. When more blood flows towards uterus, it causes pain in and around the vagina. During pregnancy, the blood flow increases up to three times, which pressurizes uterus causing sharp pain in vagina. The vagina and its surrounding structures may show swelling and tenderness, which can cause pain on slightest touch.

Sensitive vagina can increase sex drive however few think that involving into sexual activity can cause pain, but in fact it relives pain. During pregnancy, especially when there is vaginal pain, woman can involve in sexual activity, which can help to relieve vaginal pain and swelling.

Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy Caused Due to Cervix Dilation

When the vaginal pain is sharp, agonizing and occurs during the latter part of third trimester, it may be related to dilation of the cervix. Few weeks prior to labor pain, sharp vaginal pain can occur. It is necessary to watch for additional symptoms and discuss it with your physician as early as possible. If pregnant sharp vaginal pain is accompanied with vaginal bleeding, immediate medical help must be sought.

Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy Caused Due to Rare Infection

In some cases, vaginal pain may be caused due to an infection. Normally, a fungal infection around the vagina may cause itching and vaginal pain. However, vaginal pain can be caused due to an infection in the inner parts. Pelvic infections can affect the reproductive system and can present with vaginal pain and other symptoms like vaginal discharge, backache, nausea or vomiting. It is necessary to seek medical opinion and get the condition treated in order to avoid complications.

Ectopic Pregnancy Can Cause Pain in Vagina

Ectopic pregnancy may be difficult to diagnose, however if missing your periods is noted with sore breasts and sharp vaginal pain, medical advice is necessary. Spotting or minor bleeding and dizziness may raise a suspicion of ectopic pregnancy.

Ways to Relieve Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy

At varying stages of pregnancy, one may feel sharp vaginal pain and discomfort. Vaginal pain is seen to be increasing towards the end of pregnancy. Usually, pain relieving medications are used to provide temporary relief in this condition and must be taken only with medical advice.

Some tips and lifestyle modifications can help to relieve vaginal pain during pregnancy.

  • Lying down on your left may help you get some relief and improve blood circulation too.
  • Sitting straight with your feet elevated a little also helps in circulation and relieves pressure, thus reducing vaginal pain.
  • Lying down while having your hips elevated a little may be useful in relieving vagina pain in some pregnant women.
  • Taking warm baths can help you relax and relieve sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy.
  • Having pelvic massage, with medical advice and when performed by an expert can help you reduce vaginal pain and support your pelvis.
  • Consider wearing support belts, go for heat packs they help in stretching ligaments. Do consult your gynecologist before trying this out.
  • Simple exercise, yoga, swimming will do a lot in reliving the pain. You may walk a little in order to strengthen the muscle.
  • It is not unusual to feel pain in vagina during the late pregnancy as growing fetus leaves pressure, you can get rid of this vaginal pain but applying all the above therapies, but before doing everything you need to talk to your doctor.

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