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Wet and moist vagina is normally seen in women during intimacy, which provides lubrication and eases intercourse. Normal vaginal secretion is also a part of normal monthly cycle in women. It is necessary to know about wet vagina and wet, moist vagina causes under normal conditions. However, certain infections or other causes too can sometimes cause excessive vaginal secretion. Knowing what causes your vagina to be wet and moist, their effects and its treatment is also important.

Normal Vaginal Secretion

Vaginal discharge is normal in women, which can occur almost daily or occasionally in some women. Normal vaginal secretion is a white or off-white colored fluid that is normal in texture. Normal wet vagina is odorless and does not signify any problem or infection in the vagina.

Excessive Vaginal Secretion

It is a condition in which the vaginal secretion increases above normal. The color of the fluid can change to yellow, green or grey; change in odor, change in texture such as foamy or sticky can also be seen. Apart from this the vaginal area may become red, sore with itching. Excessive vaginal discharge can cause a problem, which may need medical consultation. Knowing some of the causes of excessive vaginal secretion can help.

What Causes Vagina to be Wet & Moist?

Causes of normal wet vagina are usually physiological that do not result in any problem. Some of the common causes of vagina to be wet and moist include:

  1. Sexual Excitement - When the sexual excitement reaches greater heights in women, increased blood circulation to the parts gives the blushing feeling in the vagina. When women are highly aroused with excitement, vagina gets lubricated by getting moist or wet. But excessive vaginal wetness may sometimes be disturbing and may indicate underlying health problems or infections.
  2. G-spot Ejaculation- Excessive lubrication can also be a result of G-spot orgasm in the female body. G-spot stimulation can cause your vagina to become wet and moist and is usually normal in most women.
  3. Pregnancy- Increased vaginal discharge or excessive wet and moist vagina is often seen during the first days of early pregnancy. This happens due to increase in the level of progesterone in the vaginal blood flow. With the progression in pregnancy, the increased discharge reduces to normal but sometimes the flow may continue. If such condition occurs it is better to seek medical opinion to find the cause of excessive vaginal secretion.
  4. Medications - Another common cause of vagina to become wet and moist is medication. Some women take birth control pills which can cause hormonal imbalances, sometimes leading to excess vaginal wetness. High level of estrogen or sudden changes in levels of other hormones caused by medication is one of the major causes of excess vaginal lubrication.
  5. Infection - Vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection (candidiasis) and trichomoniasis are common causes of excessive secretion of fluid from vagina. Infections are one of the common causes for vagina to be excessively wet or moist. This needs proper evaluation and appropriate treatment to treat infections.
  6. Sexually Transmitted Infections - Intercourse can be the major cause of abnormal discharge of fluid from the vagina or excessively wet, moist vagina. Chlamydia, gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted infections can also cause excessive vaginal secretion.

What Causes Vagina to be Wet & Moist?

Treatment for Excessive Vaginal Secretion or Wet & Moist Vagina

Normal vaginal secretion can be cleaned by washing the vagina daily or when secretion starts as it does not accompany any infection to the vagina. Here are few solutions that will surely help you in this situation.

  1. Changing Birth Controlling Pills – Some birth control pills can raise estrogen levels, which can sometimes increase vaginal secretion or cause vagina to be wet and moist. Changing birth control pills to balance other hormones can help. It is better to consult your doctor about switching to other types of pills or brands.
  2. Medication- Excessive wet, moist vagina can be treated with certain medications. There are several medicines and creams that can cure the causes of excessive vaginal secretion. Medicines include anti-bacterial, anti-fungal creams and antibiotics that prevent excessive vaginal secretion, which are best taken with medical advice.
  3. Herbal Remedies- To prevent excessive wet, moist vagina you can use herbs as natural and effective remedies. Many herbs have astringent in them which can reduce excessive discharge from the vagina. Pippali, a herb, which can clean your body by eliminating bacterial infection from the vagina can also be used.
  4. Use Virgin Stick or Vagina Wand – As a natural treatment, vagina wand can be of great help. It is a cigar shaped wand which is inserted inside the vagina to stop the outflow of fluid from the vagina. Usually it is advised to insert this wand inside the vagina for around 3-4 minutes for 3-4 days in a week to reduce the vaginal wetness. This offer a natural and effective treatment, however, it is advisable to seek medical opinion regarding its use.

Wet and moist vagina is normal. Most women produce at least some amount of vaginal fluid which cleans and regulates the vagina. White, odorless fluid usually indicates that everything is normal, but changes in color, odor and thickness of vaginal secretion may need medical attention.

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