Causes of Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat & Ways to Stop it

For most women, vaginal sweat or crotch sweat can be very annoying as it is usually associated with bad odor and itching, which may also cause them to shy away from social activities. Vaginal sweat or crotch sweat generally creates an ideal environment for the microorganisms to thrive, and overgrowth of these microbes, or bad bacteria in the vagina can ultimately lead to bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infections, vaginal bumps, etc. There are a lot of reasons why vaginal sweat or crotch sweat occur and there are also various ways to stop it. Let us know about the causes and ways to stop vaginal sweat or crotch sweat.

Sweat Glands and Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat:

Your skin has two primary types of sweat glands; namely the eccrine glands and the apocrine glands. The former ones appear over most of your body and open directly on to the skin surface. However, the later type of glands develops in the areas that are abundant in hair follicles, such as armpits, groin, etc, and they empty in to the hair follicle just before it opens in to the surface of the skin.

While the eccrine glands produce most of the moisture, the apocrine gland produces the odor you detect after any strenuous activity. Dealing with and preventing odor is one thing, however, making sure that your groin area remains dry, is very much essential in order to avoid yeast infections.

Causes of Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat

Causes of Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat

  1. Pubic Hair:

    Pubic hair can be one of the causes of vaginal sweat or crotch sweat. These pubic hairs trap bacteria and wicks moisture off the skin present underneath. It can thus cause excessive sweat and bad odors too. It is essential to keep the vagina and the nearby area, dry and healthy.

  2. Overweight Women May Have More Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat:

    While there is probably some genetic predisposition, it is known that overweight women or women with excessive pubic hair sweat more than thin women having less pubic hair.

  3. Poor Quality of Panties:

    One of the most important cause of vaginal sweat or crotch sweat can be poor quality panties you wear. Wearing breathable panties, and avoiding suffocating or tight panties, changing out of sweaty clothes after workouts, avoiding wearing panty liners regularly, etc. can be good, as these trap sweat and odors and also may contribute to the annoying vaginal symptoms. It is good that you wear airy, lightweight innerwear and change your underwear when they get really sweaty.

  4. Yeast Infections:

    When products kill some bacteria and allow others to proliferate, it can cause bacterial or yeast infections. This would end up being way more than uncomfortable than sweat.

Ways to Stop Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat

Below are some ways you can stop or reduce vaginal sweat or crotch sweat.

  1. Practicing Good Vaginal Hygiene to Vaginal Swet or Crotch Sweat:

    • Take bath at least two times in a day and cleanse your genital area properly.
    • Use unscented pads and change them after every 3-4 hours, while you are menstruating. In order to reduce vaginal sweat or crotch sweat and odor, wash the intimate area with wipes, before putting on a fresh sanitary pad.
    • Do not use antiperspirants in the vulva area, as the chemicals from these products can irritate the vaginal mucous membrane, causing more of problems in vaginal health.
    • Do not use talcum powders in the vulva or groin area, as most of them are scented and are made from finely powdered combinations of ground zinc, silicates and stearate.
    • They can block the skin pores and may increase vaginal sweat or crotch sweat.
    • If you wish, apply good quality corn-startch, which is a natural ingredient, unscented and absorbs moisture well and is also safe to use on the groin and the vulva. However, note not to put in inside the vagina.
  2. Using Absorbent Pads:

    Using absorbent pany liners can be a good protection for sweat in the groin area, when you are in a social surrounding. However, be sure to change them frequently.

  3. Shaving or Waxing Pubic Hairs:

    Make it a habit to trim or shave pubic hair so as to alleviate sweat and odor in the vagina. This can help you stop vaginal sweat or crotch sweat to some extent.

  4. Check on What You Wear:

    Wear cotton panties and pants that are made from cotton or linen, as these materials allow air to circulate. Lacy and silky panties can look sexy, but with these you will sweat more.

    Apart from this, choose loose clothing during the days, as tight ones make you feel more hot and you sweat more. You can wear palazoo pants during summer days, as they are made of light material.

  5. Diet to Stop or Reduce Vaginal Sweat or Crotch Sweat:

    • A healthy diet helps you in getting rid of vaginal sweat or crotch sweat and also helps in fighting against vaginal pimples and bumps.
    • Cut down caffeine, sugar, alcohol and spicy foods, as the breakdown of such foods elevates body heat.
    • Eat a balanced diet, including more of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
    • Reduce your intake of salt
    • Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.
  6. Some Herbal Remedies:

    You can try out some herbal remedies or herbal teas to stop vaginal sweat or crotch sweat. Make a tea with St. John’s wart by steeping 1 tablespoon of dried St. John’s wart or sage in a cup of hot water for at least five minutes and add one tablespoon of honey and a wedge of lemon to it. Drink this herbal tea two times in a day and feel the difference in a week or two. You can notice a reduction in sweat in some days.

  7. Exercise More:

    It may be a bit ironic, but exercising more actually works well, especially for vagina sweat or crotch sweat. Engage at least twice in a week with vigorous, sweat-inducing physical activity for at least 20 minutes at once.

    Simply run outside, play some interesting sport, or dance to the music. Once you are sweaty, take a hot shower for 10 minutes. As you sweat more, the pores open up completely. Your body, thus clears all the toxins and this in turn aids in controlling the vagina sweat or crotch sweat.


Though vaginal sweat or crotch sweat may not be noticeable, it causes itching and that truly is the most embarrassing thing when you are in a social get-together. Now that we are known to some of the causes and also some ways to stop vaginal sweat or crotch sweat, it is essential for you to try out the treatments at home, take essential precaution and also in case it goes worse, do consult with your doctor for the best of medical treatments.