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South Austin is an expansive neighborhood in Texas. The town is known for its quaint houses, old-school boutiques, music, and traffic. However, the area is still growing in means of its population and doesn’t have many residents. It is still a site of accidents and frequent car crashes. In a report, the city was declared the 29th most congested city with the worst traffic. In 2020, when the lockdown was enforced, people thought that there would be fewer accidents. But a recent traffic report showed more severe crashes and fatal injuries in the past year.

Car accidents can occur for many reasons. But some of the leading reasons for crashes and accidents in South Austin are reckless and negligent driving. Many people when driving around the neighborhood, do not care about traffic rules. They aggressively drive around, ignoring others and their own safety. Drivers are negligent of their surroundings, traffic flow, and laws. People also drive under the influence of alcohol, which results in wrong-way driving accidents. Sometimes, even if you are driving around carefully, another driver’s mistake can affect you. All these acts lead to minor or severe car accidents and injuries in the town.

Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can be caused due to the above reasons. The injuries from car accidents can be of multiple types. Some significant injuries include whiplash, soft tissue injuries, back injuries, chest injuries, and leg or arm injuries.


In-car accident injuries, whiplash is the most common one. It occurs when the impact from collision snaps the head back and forth or side to side, causing damage to the soft tissues in the cervical. The sudden head jerk causes the neck muscles to strain and results in neck stiffness, neck pain, backache, and sometimes memory issues. The injury itself is not so severe, but it can get worse if the treatment is delayed.

Soft tissue injuries are also common car accident injuries. The soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are injured when a body encounters an accident. The injuries can range from bruises and cuts to heavy tissue damage, which can hinder mobility. Usually, the damage to soft tissues of the wrist, hands, fingers, and feet is heavily underestimated. These body parts absorb the shock from collision and can be swollen, become achy, or lose mobility.

In most car accident injuries, the chest only gets bruises and cuts. In more severe accidents, the ribs may be impacted by force and result in broken ribs. Most of the time, when the driver is not wearing a seatbelt, the impact from the steering wheel causes trauma. But if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, the extreme pressure can also cause chest injury. The impact also results in organ bruising, which may not be immediately visible but cause complications later.

Car accident injuries also include arm and leg injuries. In head-on collisions, the legs are jammed towards the driver’s chest and can cause a fracture. Similarly, arm injuries occur because of window crashes, steering wheel or door collisions. Likewise, fractures and broken bones are common from car collisions and accidents.

Chiropractic and Primary care Clinics

When dealing with auto accident injuries, a car accident injury chiropractor is the best option. Chiropractic and Primary Care Clinics are present across the country to deal with car accident injuries and patients. The South Austin chiropractors specialize in car accident injuries which are common due to a high number of car crashes. They focus on providing relief to the patient and curing injuries sustained from car accidents in South Austin. Chiropractic care is a top choice of patients in the neighborhood as it proves to be beneficial post auto accidents in multiple cases.

South Austin Chiropractor

The South Austin Chiropractor treats patients with a history of car accident injuries and wounds. They continue with their daily life and ignore any pain which they experience after a car crash. This results in the injury becoming severe and causing immobility. The Chiropractic and Primary Care Clinic treats such injuries of the patients who experience severe discomfort and pain after a few days of injury. Even if there is minor soreness of muscles, they thoroughly check the patient because it turns into long-term pain in most cases of auto accident injury.

Types of Treatments

Chiropractic and Primary Care Clinics believe in drug-free treatment. They provide patients with a natural treatment that allows the body to heal itself over time. They are against the use of drugs and antibiotics for pain relief. In whiplash or back injuries, chiropractors use manipulation to relocate and realign the neck and back joints. Subsequently, the manipulation releases pain and inflammation in the muscles. The reduced pain and inflammation provide the patient relief, and they can move their neck and head quickly.

The Chiropractic and Primary Care Clinics may also use decompression to treat car accident injuries. The car accident chiropractor aims to decompress the muscles and allow the discs to return to their proper positions along the spinal column through the treatment. This procedure is used for patients with herniated or bulging discs resulted from the injury. Multiple sessions with the South Austin chiropractor can help you get rid of the pain completely.

A car accident injury chiropractor also performs spinal adjustment that restores and improves your range of motion by mobilizing and realigning the spine during adjustments. The chiropractor may also recommend massage or foam roller techniques that help relieve any pain or discomfort you may be having.  They can also give nutritional counseling and prescribe exercises that will help aid in the healing process and help you regain your entire range of motion.

Apart from physical injury, our bodies also go in shock after an accident. Car accident injuries may cause severe anxiety and stress in people. The stress can further cause physical symptoms such as clenching your jaw, jerking body muscles, or tense muscles. A Chiropractic and Physical Care Clinic helps the patients by relieving their stress through treatment. By physical therapy and stress relieving exercises, the chiropractors bring the body out of shock. It then allows the body to start functioning normally. All these techniques mainly include physical movements and drug-free treatment.

The South Austin Chiropractor may use different types of therapies to help patients with car accident injuries. The therapies may include Cryotherapy (also known as Ice Therapy), Electrical Stimulation, Chiropractic adjustments, Hot Moist Pack, and Active Release Technique.

Chiropractic and Physical Care Clinics are famous across Texas for their remarkable results in treating car accident patients. Although the treatment takes time and requires patience, the results are long-term. Once treated, the patients never complain about their injuries again. If you live in South Austin and ever encounter a car accident, the first step should be going to a chiropractor.

Final Thoughts

An emergency doctor may prescribe pain killers for your car accident injury. But the South Austin chiropractor will diagnose the issue, run the necessary tests and identify the root cause of pain. After a complete diagnosis, the chiropractor will select a possible treatment to relieve your pain and cure injuries. In this way, a chiropractor ensures a complete and reliable treatment for every patient.

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