Severity Of Injuries

Minor car accident may result in severe injury. Similarly severe or major car accident may result in minor injury. Severity of injury is not related to the severity of car accident. There is no direct relationship between severity of car accident and seriousness of injury. Similarly, injuries to passengers are not depended on severity of car accident. Car accident injuries are directly related to car damage, reflexes, use of seat belt and anatomical body position at the time of accident in relations to acceleration and deceleration forces. One driver in every three auto accident is seriously inured or killed in vehicle accident. Fatal car injury is prevented by use of seat belt. Seat belt should strap the shoulder as well as lower abdomen to achieve maximum benefits.


 Relationship between Severity of Injury and Severity of Car Accidents



Driver and front passenger must use seat belt for prevention of fatal car accident. Seat belt law suggests passenger seating in front row must use seat belt, children under 16 years age must be secured in front or back passenger seat with properly secured seat belt. Children under height 4 feet and 9 inches must be secured with seat belt and secured in appropriate seat. Children who are less then 20 lbs. must be secured in child restraining seat and should be facing the rear of car. Back seat of the car is safer than front seat from an accident point of view. Prevention and initial evaluation of auto accident involves local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and child passenger safety (CPS) technician.

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