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Baby Skin Care Tips for 8 Baby Skin Medical Conditions

A new born baby’s skin is soft, tender and very delicate. As a parent you find it necessary to protect your baby’s skin and make sure that your baby gets that perfect care. Know these simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy and learn ways to manage different skin conditions in babies.

Baby Skin Care Tips for 8 Baby Skin Medical Conditions

Baby Skin Care Tips for 8 Baby Skin Medical Conditions

Bumps, spots and irritating rashes often affect the baby’s skin. However, no need to worry; you can follow these simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy.

Tips to Manage Baby Skin Rashes

Baby skin is prone to rashes. Most of these baby skin rashes do not need any attention and go away on their own. However, diaper rashes are irritating for the baby and can cause more trouble if left unattended. A simple tip to keep baby’s skin healthy is to avoid diaper rashes. It is best to change diapers often and particularly after they get soiled. Leave the baby in open for some time while changing so that the area dries off well. If diaper rash still persists, wash the skin with water and apply zinc oxide cream on it.

Pimples and Whiteheads

Acne in small babies is different from what teenagers get. Research also says that baby skin medical condition of acne clears themselves within few weeks and they do not need any attention. So there isn’t any need to use a lotion or cream to treat those pimples and whiteheads. The most effective and simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy and prevent acne is to keep the skin clean. You can wipe it clean, give a nice bath and prevent too much sweat.


Research says that every 1 in 10 children born has a birthmark. Either the baby is born with a birthmark or they come over within few months. Usually, the birthmarks on baby skin have nothing to worry about and no treatment is needed for treating birthmarks. However, it is good to look out if the birthmarks cause any itching, scaling, oozing or other problems. If your baby’s birthmark is worrying you, you can seek medical advice. Finding timely solutions to skin problems can help to keep baby’s skin healthy.


Eczemas are red and itchy rashes that are seen as response to various triggers and allergens. It is common baby skin medical condition among those who have family history of having asthma, allergies and dermatitis. In the initial stages, medical condition of eczema appear on your baby’s skin as weepy rashes but over time, they become very thick, scaly and very dry. These red rashes are also seen behind the knees, chest and arms. One of the simple tips to keep baby skin healthy is to identify and fight allergies. Find the triggers, avoid them and seek treatment for the same. Use gentle soaps and apply moisturizers after a bath. Make sure your baby’s clothes are washed in mild detergents.

Dry Skin

There is no need to worry if your baby has a medical condition of dry skin. Generally babies born in summers are seen with dryness in their skin which develops over time on exposure to air. But the good news is that the baby’s underlying skin is mostly soft, moist and healthy. In case, the dry skin doesn’t improve you can consult a dermatologist.

Cradle Crap

Cradle crap or excess oil over the skin is common baby skin medical condition and is known by the term ‘seborrheic dermatitis‘ often caused by excess oil in the skin. A baby with cradle crap may have dry, waxy and red rashes on the scalp, behind the ears, eyebrows, and on nose. One of the simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy is to use shampoos, moisturizers and certain creams that treat cradle cap.

White Bumps (Milia)

Many new born kids are seen with white bumps on eyes known as milia. Appearing on nose and face, they are mostly caused by the oil glands which have been blocked by flakes. There`s no need to worry since glands of the baby open up within few weeks and these resolve on their own. However, it is important to keep the baby skin clean. Washing off dirt and sweat is one of the important tips to keep baby’s skin healthy.

Yeast Infections

In this fungal infection, itchy, flaky skin eruptions appear on the baby skin. It may also show thrush over baby’s tongue and mouth region. Treating this with anti-yeast liquids and an antifungal cream is necessary. Simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy necessarily include protecting the skin from diaper rash and treating it at the earliest.

Other simple tips to deal with baby skin medical conditions include

  • Avoid overheating, which can cause skin irritation, rashes and bumps on the neck, armpits and buttocks. Keep the baby in a cool environment and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Make the baby wear light and loose clothing and give more fluids for hydration. Also note that this condition can even occur in winters when the baby is over- bundled in woolen garments. So make sure that you keep baby’s skin cool and dry even in winters.
  • Avoid extra powdering to prevent allergies on the skin and to the respiratory system. Even if you have to powder your baby, take it on hand and rub it on the skin avoiding the neck and face area.
  • Moisturizer rejuvenates the skin and forms a filmy protective layer around the baby’s skin which prevents dryness, infections and rashes.

These simple tips to keep baby’s skin healthy can make a difference and protect the baby from skin problems.


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