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Baby-Proofing Essentials

If you are welcoming a new baby into your home, shielding them from household hazards, which is the mainstay of baby proofing essentials. Baby-proofing essentials are required to ensure better safety features in your home to prevent problems or injuries to your baby such as safety devices, crib and so on.

Protecting your baby from sharp object, corners, heated objects and fire in your homes is a must. It is important to know about the objects that are dangerous for your baby and must be modified at once. There are some steps which you need to keep in mind about baby-proofing essentials.

Baby-Proofing Essentials

Baby-Proofing Essentials

It runs on the gut feeling that what hurts you will hurt your baby too. If you find something oddly placed in your home, it is quite possible that your baby can get hurt by it too. Identifying such places and objects is necessary to take proper measures which can shield your kid from undesirable problems.

For instance, it is the ripping, pulling, and poking of any object that prevents the baby to move freely and getting hurt. So, identify the potential threats in your home and baby proof your house very promisingly. Know about baby-proofing essentials.

Planning for Baby-Proofing Essentials

The first step towards implementing effective baby-proofing essentials is proper observation and planning. Firstly, identify the objects that are wrongly positioned or placed in an inappropriate way. Find out all the possible things that can come in your baby’s way or can harm your baby in any way. Think of various ways in which the curiosity of your baby will lead her to various places in the house. This is important so that you can plan your baby-proofing essentials accordingly.

Once you have identified the problematic zones in your house, preventive measures can be taken aptly. If you can find a gate, get it installed on the locations like the bottom or top staircase so that baby does not fall down or climb up the staircase in any way. This gate can be installed in front of fire place, at the kitchen entry or for shielding critical electricity equipment.

Use Safe Toys as a Part of Baby-Proofing Essentials

Using safe toys and baby items is the most important part of baby-proofing essentials. Some people face problem with new toys, as you may not know their usage or a part of it may break when the child begins teething. In such cases, a used toy is preferred instead of using a new one. All the toys you buy must fulfill the approved standards of regulatory firm otherwise you may be playing with your child’s health. Make sure you buy toys with soft or blunt ends, avoid toys and games that have small parts to prevent choking hazard. Similarly, toys with too much light, sound too are not advisable as they often cause over-stimulation. While baby-proofing essentials mainly focus on safety measures, keep in mind all possible things that are required to safeguard your baby’s health too.

Have Safe Kitchen and Dining as a Part of Baby Proofing Essentials

While you are on the lookout for a safe zone for your baby, it is your kitchen which poses lots of danger as some of the heaviest objects are placed there. Kitchen is dangerous for obvious reasons that there is a cooking unit, which is hot, there are electrical appliances and of course, cutlery and glass objects. If you have an active baby, you cannot set your eyes on them for 24×7 hours so a safe zone has to be created.

Know some important ways to keep kitchen safe as a part of baby-proofing essentials. First step is to reorganize the stuff that you have placed.

Reorganize your kitchen with these ideas for baby-proofing essentials

  • Arrange the poisonous detergents, soaps and bleaches to higher shelves where your baby cannot reach
  • If kitchen lacks the locks in the lower and ground shelves then safety latches help to seal them to provide protection
  • Babies also end up pulling out the knobs of gas stoves which should be locked in order to prevent them from hurting. You can also place a non-skid rug, which makes things easier and saves the baby from skidding
  • If you have a dishwasher, things may get riskier, it is easy to pull out the gate and spill detergent. This can be prevented easily by keeping your dishwasher at a place far away from your child’s reach or in some separate lobby of the house.

Safe Bathrooms for your Baby

Another important place that needs baby-proofing essentials is your bathroom. When you are trying to get a safe place for your baby, ensure locking the bathroom carefully to avoid mishaps. Keep the bath tub empty with no water in it and move away the chemicals that you have placed in any corner of the bathroom. Electrical appliances and other beauty essentials should not be left plugged into the socket. Toilet seat clamp should be put down to not let your child enter the area. In all the cases, just shut down the lights so that you can prevent your baby from going in.

Living Room with Protection Mode On

Your living room is living abode where you spend most of your time. Baby-proofing essentials are very much required here to save your baby from impending injuries. Take care of those heavy curtains and chandelier which lies there shining on the roof. Babies have the tendency to hold on tight to the curtains that can fall down and cause injuries. The length of the curtains needs to be short to keep them out of kid’s reach. Modified types of curtains can be used that baby’s cannot cling on to.

Baby-Proofing Essentials – Child Friendly Furniture

Sharp edges and heavy furniture in the house, may pose a threat, so it is recommended you use baby proofing essentials to cover the corners. Blunting the corners of tables or attaching softened extensions can help. Generally, babies and young kids have a tendency to climb on the furniture and reach up to the windows, so make sure the furniture is placed aptly. Book shelves should preferably be closed or kept covered to avoid the books falling. For an open book shelf, install a gate to prevent the child from reaching out for the books.

Safe Zone the Nursery

For toddlers, a secure nursery is important so apply baby-proofing essentials over here. Keep stuffed toys away and keep a separate toy box for storing toys. Make sure only safe toys and things are placed in the room. Keep safe teething rings, which don’t block the air ways when your baby begins teething. Ensure having cushioned floor with crib to safeguard your baby. If your kid spends majority of the time in your bedroom then similar facilities should be incorporated there.

Make sure you do not plastic bags, other containers and boxes lying within reach of your baby. Apply baby proofing essentials and keep all medicines and cosmetics in a separate locked cupboard, so that baby cannot reach there. You need to double check the electrical outlets and shut the drawers and make it safer with baby proofing essentials. Proper safety measures are required to prevent any possible harm to your baby. So, it is best to be aware of and implement appropriate baby proofing essentials, which make your house safe for your baby.


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