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Boost Fertility: 8 Ways to Make Yourself Fertile

Fertility enhancements are the need of time as related problems have come up due to stressful lifestyle and late marriages, but there are ways to manage it. To boost fertility, there are natural as well as medicinal supplements which do the needful and deliver you quick results. For both men and women alike, there are ways to boost fertility. This guide provides information on 8 ways to make yourself more fertile.

Boost Fertility: 8 Ways to Make Yourself Fertile

Boost Fertility: 8 Ways to Make Yourself Fertile

Find some of the best tips to boost fertility. Here are 8 ways to make yourself more fertile:

  1. Healthy Diet-A Key To Make Yourself Fertile

    A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping you fit and is one of the most effective ways to boost your fertility. Go for foods which prevent aging and are equipped with vitamin C. Anti-oxidants in fruits and some vegetables are very helpful in making cells healthier even with increasing age. Choose green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, clarified butter, coconut and gooseberry which can deliver promising results over a period of time. Pistachio ensures good amount of zinc making you fit internally which boosts your fertility and immunity.

  2. Avoid Smoking/Alcohol/Caffeine

    To boost fertility, saying no to smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drinks is a must, which can affect the reproductive function and your hormones. Fertilization is ensured when ovaries function optimally. When you smoke or drink excessively, egg production from ovaries is affected which also troubles the fallopian tube. In men, excessive usage of these intoxicants increases the risk of impotency which can affect fertility. So, one of the most important ways to make yourself fertile is to follow healthy habits and refrain from smoking and alcohol.

  3. Watch Your Weight

    The best way to boost your fertility is to watch out for your weight. Keep it balanced, as an optimum weight acts as a great health booster for fertility for both men and women. So in consultation with your doctor, make a diet plan which fulfills all the nutritional requirements for managing weight and making yourself fertile.

  4. Manage Your Stress

    Stay away from stress to be healthy internally from within. Work stress, personal relations and other stressful situations must be avoided. Increased stress affects fertility and can cause problems during pregnancy as well. Find out ways to manage your stress, anxiety that can help you stay away from emotional problems. Practicing stress management and relaxation techniques is one of the most effective ways to boost your fertility.

  5. Exercise Regularly

    Exercising regularly not only keeps you fit and strong but also acts as a great stress buster and an easy way to manage weight. While all these are necessary to boost fertility, regular exercise is indeed one of the best ways to make yourself fertile. It helps to regularize hormones, which can increase your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

  6. Drink Water

    One of the most crucial ways to boost your fertility is to drink plenty of water, which improves blood circulation. When you stay well hydrated, your reproductive system performs well, thus improving your chances of conceiving.

  7. Use Safe Medicines

    Choice of lubricants has to be apt so that no health issues are caused. If you use vaginal lubricants, fertility may increase, but it is important you pick those which offer overall protection and do not harm the sperms. Also, make sure, any medicines you may be taking do not have any effects on your fertility or hormone balance.

  8. Track Your Cycle

    Tracking your monthly cycle can boost your fertility by letting you know your best fertility period. You need to have regular periods so that intercourse during fertility window is promising enough to conceive. There are software to track your ovulation cycle which helps in recording fertile period when the chances of conception are the highest.

    To boost fertility among men, one has to be quite watchful in not letting those sperms go wasted. For health reasons, one can switch over to boxers instead of briefs so male reproductive system is kept intact. When you are exposed to high temperature like hot water bath, fertility gets affected which leads to reduction in sperm count. It is better to keep your lifestyle as normal as possible which increases longevity and maintains your overall health as well.

    To make yourself fertile, eat well and ensure all the nutrients are incorporated in your diet which is a must for successful conception. Have a diet rich in vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid which is packed with iron and pumps up the blood flow. Maintain hormonal balance with regular exercise, yoga and relaxation techniques that manage stress.

    Practice moderation, manage your weight and enjoy an active lifestyle; these are the key ways to boost fertility.


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