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Do Lichen Planus Scars Go Away?

Scarring is one of the consequences of lichen planus. Formation of rashes and lesions on the skin due to lichen planus are some of the symptoms of the condition. They are usually itchy and frequently found on legs, arms, chest, and back. As the lesions and rashes are healing, they leave behind discolored rough patches on the skin that take time to disappear. That means that Lichen Planus scars will indefinitely go away, but it takes time depending on how much damage has been done. Since there is little information about this condition, you may have to endure the scars until they clear up on their own.

Do Lichen Planus Scars Go Away?

Do Lichen Planus Scars Go Away?

Yes, the lichen planus scars take months to completely go away. There is no definite time period for how long they will be there and some patients live with the scars for years. It is important to note that with or without treatment, the scars will finally fade away. So, you should not worry about how long they will be there. What matters is that at the right time, the scarring will stop. But, if they bother you too much, you can try some of the above remedies, to improve the marks. However, it is not guaranteed that they will work, as lichen planus is recurrent.

The scars are usually a result of inflammatory hyperpigmentation after lichen planus rashes and lesions have healed. There is only so much you can do to get rid of lichen planus scars, but patience is the best virtue. Regardless of whether you use any medication or not, they will clear on their own. It is difficult to treat lichen planus in a proper manner as there are many unknown factors that trigger it. Nonetheless, it has no cure and its identification needs a thorough diagnosis. Blood tests and skin biopsy are the best ways of diagnosing lichen planus as they give detailed results from the examination done. Lichen Planus on the scalp should be treated as early as possible as it can lead to hair loss that can be permanent.

What Does Lichen Planus Look Like?

Physically speaking, lichen planus looks like purple or pink rashes with a flat top. They appear in different shapes and the color may range from pink to purple depending on how long they’ve been present. Taking a closer look at the rash, you will identify white streaks on them, which are sometimes wavy. Apart from the common areas where the rashes occur, they can also be found on the scalp, nails, and the genitals, reliant on the patient’s gender. In rare occasions, LP may occur on spots that previously had a burn or cut.

What Are The Treatment Remedies for Lichen Planus?

Lichen planus rashes are usually itchy, which prompts scratching that leads to scarring. At times, the itching sensation will hardly be there and other times, it will be severe. Once the bumps have cleared, they leave dark brown areas on the skin that may take months to clear. However, for the meantime, you can adopt some treatments to help with the symptoms and scars as well. There are certain over-the-counter creams and ointments for Lichen planus, which you can directly apply to the rashes and scars. You should be careful when applying them, as they can cause irritation to normal skin.

For serious cases of itching, your physician may prescribe antihistamines or steroids. Some home remedies can also help with fighting lichen planus by reducing the discomfort they cause. You can try tub soaks with colloidal ointment, applying essential oils including aloe vera or use borax. Whenever you feel like itching, you can refrain from it, and instead put into play the mentioned home remedies. Home remedies are also applicable to the scars after the itching has subsided, to help with clearing the scars. A turmeric paste will help with the skin discoloration, as it has bleaching traits.


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