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How Can Lichen Planus Be Prevented?

Our bodies need to be properly taken care of, both on the outside and inside. Observing good hygiene and being cautious of what you ingest can help with ensuring that you are healthy and improve your well-being. Prevention is necessary when it comes to various disease, which you know their etiology. But, in the case of lichen planus, preventing it might prove difficult. Why? You ask. Well lichen planus has no known cause and it makes it difficult to discern what will cause it and what won’t. Nonetheless, that does not mean you should not prevent yourself from contracting the illness. We are going to look into various possible causes of lichen planus and work with that information to develop preventive measures.

How Can Lichen Planus Be Prevented?

How Can Lichen Planus Be Prevented?

Lichen planus is a recurrent condition that might keep on reappearing even after it has healed. There are a variety of ways you can prevent yourself to inhibit its recurrence. They include;

Maintain good body genital and oral hygiene.

Avoid using products with substances that may cause lichenoid eruptions. Lean more towards healthier or organic products with fewer chemical contents.

  • Eliminate consumption of alcohol and smoking altogether.
  • Eat a healthy nutritious diet especially fruits and vegetables.
  • Go for regular re-examination, so as to catch any lichen planus recurrence early.
  • Avoid scratching your skin to the point of causing damage.
  • Observe a good lifestyle.

Just because lichen planus has no known etiology and no known cure, it does not mean all is lost. Even without the basic information about any condition, there are many ways of handling it. For starters, you can visit a physician for diagnosis of the condition and establish the root of the problem. Once you are aware of what ticks the illness in your body, you can figure out numerous ways to prevent yourself. Even after you have contracted the condition, there are ways of relieving the symptoms of the condition. Nevertheless, you can observe various preventive measures to avoid a recurrence of the condition. As difficult as it is to prevent lichen planus from developing, it is not impossible to fight against it.

Lichen Planus and Medication

Lichenoid eruptions have been linked to the reaction of certain medication. The most common are hypertensive medication used to treat heart problems. Other medications include antimalarial, anti-inflammatory, and diabetes drugs as well as antibiotics. In cases of drug-induced lichen planus, one can prevent themselves by avoiding self-medication without a doctor’s prescription. If you must take the medication, then alternative drugs can be considered that your body will not react to. Your physician can recommend alternative medication, which will help with your ailment and at the same time, not cause lichen planus.

Allergic Reaction to Chemicals and Metals

Lichen planus can also be caused by an allergic reaction to some chemicals and metals for example, allergic reaction to mercury fillings in your teeth. Alternative fillings can be used for the tooth fillings if you have any intolerance to mercury. Some individuals are also allergic to gold, which can cause lichen planus-like eruptions. If that is the case, then you can avoid gold products and go for more friendly products to your skin. In incidences of chemical exposure, one can wear protective gear to protect themselves from the consequences. Some of the chemicals that can cause lichen planus include arsenic compounds and substances used in photography development.

Lichen Planus and Other Diseases

Hepatitis C is one of the common diseases where the patient also suffers from lichen planus. In accordance with other diseases, lichen planus is a side effect that often arises due to the intensity of the illness. Patients also with viral infections such as human immunodeficiency virus, the human herpes virus can also develop lichen planus.

However, the cases are less common compared to hepatitis C. the only way to beat lichen planus linked with other diseases is the treatment of the underlying condition. The first step to prevention here is avoiding factors that can cause the other disease, and lessen the risks of lichen planus.


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