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How Do I Stop My Legs From Itching When I Walk?

Nothing can be more annoying then experiencing uncontrollable itching when you are all set to enjoy a good workout session. The itching occurring in the legs when walking and the burning sensation causes a lot of discomfort and greatly affects your concentration, the pleasure and the quality of your workout. Itchy legs when exercising can be caused by lack of fitness too. When your body is not used to exercise and needs time to adapt to a new workout regime, then it can cause itching in the legs. Itchy legs when walking also can be a sign of allergic reaction or some other health condition. If your itching in the legs is also accompanied with breathlessness, then medical attention should be sought ASAP.

How Do I Stop My Legs From Itching When I Walk?

Physiology of Itchy Legs When Walking(1)

Itching in the legs occurs when the body develops an inflammatory response by the immune system. The human body releases histamine, which is responsible for causing the swelling and redness due to dilation of blood vessels causing increased circulation. There is also development of hives with redness. There are several triggers for itchy legs, such as emotional stress, heat or perspiration. Scratching your legs can further exacerbate the condition with more discomfort and pain.

What are the Causes of Itchy Legs When Walking?(1, 2, 3, 4, 6)

There are many causes for itchy legs when walking, such as cholinergic urticaria, which is an immune system disorder. In this condition the body responds inappropriately and becomes overly sensitive to a certain trigger.

Itching in legs when walking or exercising can also be a sign of exercise-induced anaphylaxis which is a rare allergy condition. Other than itching, this condition also has symptoms such as nausea, wheezing and a choking feeling.

The itching in the legs can also be a reaction to an airborne allergen like pollen.

How Do I Stop My Legs From Itching When I Walk?(5)

For treating the itchy legs when walking or exercising, one needs to identify the cause or the triggers for it. Keeping a journal is also helpful in finding out the cause. One can jot down the weather conditions, the location when the itching started to determine the allergens and also keep note of the intensity of the exercise, whether it is running or walking. By doing all this, one can identify the patterns and potential triggers to avoid them in future to prevent recurrence of itchy legs.

How to Prevent Legs from Itching When Walking?(5, 6)

If walking or intense workouts are causing itching in the legs, then a change of the workout gear can help. Whenever going for a walk or a run, always wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes to control perspiration. Preventive measures can also be taken, such as taking an antihistamine 30 minutes before going on a walk or a run.

Antihistamine is a medication which controls the inflammatory response of the body and prevents itching and redness. According to a study, when suffering from exercise-induced anaphylaxis, it is best to avoid walking or exercising about four to six hours after consuming a meal. Taking medications, such as nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs is also contraindicated when suffering from exercise-induced anaphylaxis.


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