How To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum Contagiosum is a common form of skin viral infection and it leads to firm, round and painless bumps.

How To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum?

How To Prevent Molluscum Contagiosum?

Steps to prevent molluscum contagiosum infection among individuals include:

One of the best ways to avoid or prevent affecting from molluscum contagiosum is to follow a few of the good hygiene related habits. You have to keep in mind that the virus lives only in your skin and hence, once your lesions go away, the virus goes away automatically and in turn, you prevent spreading of the respective to not only at your other body parts, but also to your friends and playmates.

Wash The Hands Properly. You should make sure about keeping the hands clean to avoid the infection of molluscum contagiosum and any other related infection. Washing your hands removes germs, which you may pick from any other individual or any other surface, which contains germs over it.

Avoid Picking Or Scratching Molluscum Lesions. You should make sure about avoiding touch, scratch or pick any part of your skin, which has lesions related to the infected virus. Even you should not only avoid picking or scratching in your own skin, but also in any other individual. Scratching and picking may spread the infected molluscum contagiosum virus to various other body parts and makes spreading of the disease to your friends and family members, along with playmates and colleagues easily.

Make Sure To Cover The Molluscum Lesions. It is very much essential for you to keep the area affected with molluscum contagiosum lesions in clean condition. For this, you have to cover it by using a bandage or a cloth. In this way, you will avoid others to touch your lesions and suffer from infections. You should make sure remembering about keeping your affected skin in clean as well as in dry condition. In simple words, you should never create any risk for other individuals to contact with the infected skin lesion. However, while sleeping, you should uncover the lesions, so that your skin remains in healthy condition and your lesion cures in less time.

Participate In Sports Activities Carefully. Next, you should make sure about participating in any of the sports activities in a careful way. Accordingly, you should-

Never share your towel, cloth or any personal item with others

If you are suffering from molluscum contagiosum, you should avoid participating in any of the contact sports until and unless you cover the lesions by using clothes or bandages. These include basketball, wrestling and football and similar others.

  • Strictly avoid involving in activities, which involve the usage of shared gears, like baseball gloves, helmets and balls until and unless you cover each of your infected lesions properly.
  • Key Precautions To Participate In Swimming. You have to cover your infected lesions with watertight bandages before you should participate in swimming or any other aqua-related activities.
  • You may use water toys and kickboards, along with other equipment only after you cover the lesions by using proper clothes or watertight bandages.
  • You should strictly avoid sharing of any of the personal swimming related items, which include swimsuits, goggles and towels.
  • Other effective ways to prevent the spread of molluscum contagiosum infection.
  • You should never apply electrolysis or shave on areas you have lesions.
  • You should never share any of the personal items with other people. These include hairbrushes, unwashed clothes, bar soaps and wristwatches and lots more.
  • If you have any lesion on or nearby your vulva, penis, anus or vagina, you should strictly avoid involving in sexual activities until and unless you schedule your appointment with any healthcare provider or an urologist in your area.


To conclude, we should say that preventing the spread of Molluscum infection is simple and easy; especially it requires covering the lesions and avoids sharing infected items any way.

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