Myths and Facts of Baby Eczema

Baby eczema is a skin problem that causes skin to become red, sore, cracked and itchy. If your child has been diagnosed with baby eczema then it can easily make your feel more confused, helpless and frustrated. However you are not alone and there are about one out of ten children affected with atopic eczema similar to the other allergies like asthma, hay fever etc. However, as there are many misconceptions around baby eczema, it is necessary to understand the myths and facts of baby eczema to deal with in a better way.

Myths and Facts of Baby Eczema

Chronic rashes and skin irritation on your baby’s skin can be really upsetting. Some people start making misconceptions about any rashes without having proper understanding about facts about baby eczema. Below are some of the myths and facts of baby eczema so that you can be more aware about the problem and don’t go for wrong treatments.

Myths and Facts of Baby Eczema

Baby Eczema Myth#1: Your Baby Can Have Eczema In Day Care And It Is Contagious Disease

Fact: Eczema is a common skin problem in which rashes, soreness, and cracked skin can appear on certain areas on your baby’s body. It can happen to anyone due to genetic or allergic reasons. However, eczema it is not contagious. Your baby cannot have eczema from anyone in the background in daycare. It is likely that eczema happened as a genetic problem. Many cases have been found in which baby eczema is found to be more of a hereditary problem or due to allergy from specific food product but your baby cannot get eczema simply by touching someone who has this problem. This is one of the commonest baby eczema myths.

Baby Eczema Myth #2: Eczema Is Just Like Acne

Fact: Another common baby myth; but the fact is that eczema is not just like acne and happens under different conditions. However eczema can get aggravated if acne treatments are applied on it. Hence it is important to get the condition properly diagnosed from a physician. It is also necessary to avoid applying any available skin products or any acne treatment suggested by friends and relatives without proper knowledge.

Baby Eczema Myth #3: Eczema is an Emotional Problem

Fact: Another common myth about baby eczema is that it is some kind of an disorder. One should be careful while comparing it is emotional disorder. However certain emotional factors such as stress can make the baby eczema problem worsen and in some cases, stress, anxiety, anger or frustration can even cause flare up problem in eczema. However eczema is not completely an emotional disorder but more due to genetic changes and allergic reactions.

Baby Eczema Myth #4: You Cannot Do Swimming If You Have Baby Eczema

Fact: Many people think that going for swimming while suffering from eczema can aggravate the problem. This is mainly due to the fact that some chemicals in the swimming pool like use of salt can aggravate this problem or make it worse. However, this is simply a baby eczema myth and one can go for swimming by rinsing your skin and putting on a moisturizer. It can help you protect your skin and avoid making it dry.

Baby Eczema Myth #5: Those Who Have Baby Eczema Do Not Wash Properly

Fact: Eczema is a not a problem related to personal hygiene. It is a disease which can be due to problem related to immune system, genetic reasons or due to environmental factors. Those with baby eczema bathe more frequently thinking that this problem can be avoided if you start washing your hands properly but it is a myth that should be avoided. Instead, one should keep his skin hydrated and try to consult doctor regarding use of shampoos and bathing soaps.

Baby Eczema Myth #6: Baby Eczema Will Leave Permanent Scars

Fact: It is wrong myth that baby eczema can leave permanent scar. Baby eczema can be painful and uncomfortable but it can rarely leave permanent skin rashes or scars. One can consult dermatologist specialist regarding which type of skin cream and treatments are best for baby eczema rather than developing baby eczema myths in your mind.

Baby Eczema Myth #7: Nothing Can Be Done About Baby Eczema

Fact: Another common myth about baby eczema is that it cannot be treated. However this not entirely true related to baby eczema. Studies have shown that eczema can be reduced with a number of factors like diet, breastfeeding in infants, lifestyle and certain treatments. If you believe that your diet is impacting your baby then you can ask for pediatrician. Several natural home remedies for baby eczema and medicines that control skin infection can be effective. It is best to seek medical advice and follow the given treatment, as each case of baby eczema is different and can be triggered by different factors.

Baby Eczema Myth #8: Your Baby Will Have Eczema Forever

Fact: It is a myth indeed and the fact is that baby eczema can be treated very well, if the exact causes are known and the best treatments are provided. Baby eczema is a common issue in many children. Parents whose babies are affected need to understand what are the possible symptoms and causes of baby eczema. One can go for the proper care and treatment for baby eczema to reduce the symptoms. There are various possible treatments, precautions and home remedies available, which can help manage baby eczema effectively.

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