What Is The Cause Of Excessive Forehead Sweating & How To Stop It?

While some people tend to perspire excessively, others don’t. Profuse sweating is actually a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. Sweating can occur in many parts of body, but perspiring excessively over the face and forehead can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. This is because the forehead and face are most visible and cannot be hidden. However, profuse forehead sweating can be controlled, so one need not worry about it. Wondering what is the cause of excessive forehead sweating & How to Stop It? Read the following article to know about the reasons and solutions of abnormal sweating on forehead and face.

What is the Cause of Excessive Forehead Sweating?

What is the Cause of Excessive Forehead Sweating?

Excessive Forehead Sweating Caused by Primary Hyperhidrosis

Sweat is a natural physiological process, which helps to keep the body cool. It is normal for the body to produce sweat while exercising, or during fever for maintaining body temperature. An individual also tends to sweat more when they are emotionally disturbed. For instance, sweat beads are seen on the forehead when one is nervous or angry. However, sometimes excessive sweating happens without any trigger, and this condition is known as primary hyperhidrosis. This kind of sweating is localized and restricted to certain parts of the body like forehead, face and armpits. The accurate cause of localized excessive sweating is still unclear, but it is believed to be triggered due to malfunctioning of the nervous system. Involvement of genetic factor may also be involved. Even though primary hyperhidrosis is not serious, it can be a social discomfort and annoyance for the sufferer.

Excessive Forehead Sweating Caused by Secondary Hyperhidrosis Plus Other Medical Conditions

There are multiple causes of secondary hyperhidrosis which in turn causes forehead sweating. This condition can occur as an effect of some illness, or can be an ill-effect of medications. Certain medications used for treating, hypertension and psychiatric disorders are known to produce excess sweat on the forehead. Hormonal imbalance during menopause and pregnancy can also trigger profuse perspiration on the forehead and elsewhere. Thyroid problem, fever, cardiac disorders, tuberculosis, and Parkinson disease tuberculosis are some health conditions in which the sufferer experiences excessive sweating over their forehead as one of its symptom. Consuming excessively spicy foods, MSG, caffeine and alcohol can cause profuse sweating over the forehead as well.

How to Stop Excessive Forehead Sweating?

Botox to Stop Excessive or Profuse Sweating on the Forehead

The treatment for forehead sweating mainly depends on the seriousness of the condition. If case of mild to moderate forehead sweating, the problem can be easily cured just by controlling and reducing the amount of sweating. However, if the sweating on the forehead is severe, then Botox may need to be used for effectively treating ad stopping this problem. Botox is a very promising way which works to permanently get rid of excessive sweating on the forehead.

Apply Aluminium Chloride

Another method for stopping excessive forehead sweating is applying aluminium chloride on the forehead. Aluminium is known to reduce the sweating and simultaneously also eliminate the micro-organisms present in the armpits, which give the pungent odour. However, the frequency of aluminium chloride application depends on the severity of sweating. The more one sweats, the higher is the amount of aluminium chloride which they need to apply and more frequently. But they should take the necessary precaution like avoiding eye contact when applying the aluminium solution.

Simple Ways To Stop Or Reduce Sweating On The Forehead:

Some other ways through which excessive forehead sweating can be reduced are:

  • Drinking lots of water to cool down the core body temperature. This helps to prevent too much of sweating over the entire body including the forehead.
  • Avoiding having garlic, onions, garlic, spicy foods, and alcohol as these can trigger profuse sweating on the forehead.

Increasing the vitamin intake as this nutrient helps the nervous system to function properly. Since hyperhidrosis over forehead can be caused due to malfunction of nervous system, optimal amount of vitamins in body can effectively decrease sweating. More of vegetables, fruits, eggs, cereals, and fish should be included in the daily diet as these are store houses of vitamins and greatly help in stopping excess sweating on the forehead.

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