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Get Rid Of Forehead Frown Lines By Following These 13 Tips

A glance in the mirror to check your look and there you spot a new wrinkle forming. This happens to everyone. Wrinkles are most evidently present on almost everyone’s forehead. Frown lines are those unpleasant furrow lines or wrinkles, which sit vertically right between the eyebrows or run horizontally across the forehead. Aging, genetics, repeated facial expressions, sun exposure, stress and smoking are factors responsible for the development of frown lines on the forehead. Some simple ways to get rid of forehead frown lines are:

Get Rid Of Forehead Frown Lines By Following These 13 Tips

Get Rid Of Forehead Frown Lines By Following These 13 Tips

  1. Eating & Drinking Right: Not only does eating healthy and balanced diet and drinking lots of water help one to be fit, but they also help in maintaining good skin health which is the main factor in preventing and getting rid of forehead frown lines. By eating and drinking right, an individual can make their skin look beautiful and smooth. Also, frown lines do not form easily on a well-hydrated body.
  2. Sleeping Well: It is very important to get enough sleep every day. By getting optimal sleep, i.e. at least 6 to 7 hrs every night, one can recharge their body, have a fresh mind, and have a glowing skin. Sufficient sleep is mandatory in getting rid of forehead frown lines.
  3. Using Satin Bed sheets: if you toss and turn while in bed, it causes friction on the skin which tends to dehydrate and damage the skin and lead to the formation of more wrinkles and frown lines. One should use sheets and pillow cases made of silk or satin or other such smoother fabrics at night, as these are gentle on the skin and decrease friction between the body and the bed sheet. Using satin or silk sheets when sleeping helps in not only preventing but also in getting rid of forehead frown lines and other wrinkles on face.
  4. Sleeping on the Back: Frown lines and face wrinkles can be minimized by simply sleeping on the back. Once a person starts sleeping on their back, they would experience significant difference in their skin and get up rested and refreshed in the morning. So try sleeping on your back to get rid of forehead frown lines.
  5. Moisturizing Properly: Moisturizing the skin is of utmost importance for maintaining optimal dermal health; especially when it comes to warding off frown lines, keeping the skin well-moisturized and hydrated becomes all the more essential. One should moisturize their skin at least thrice a day for best results. Using a firming cream in between the eyebrows and also in the scalp helps in getting rid of frown lines.
  6. Applying Sunscreen: One should never leave home during day time without applying some sunscreen to their face. Whether it is sunny or overcast, the powerful UV rays of the sun can greatly damage the skin causing skin aging. So, to prevent the formation of more frown lines on forehead, sunscreen should be applied on the face at least one time in the day.
  7. Massaging the Face: Face massage is not only relaxing, but is also an effective way of eradicating frown lines. The index fingers should be placed firmly on the forehead and moved in a circular motion. The motion puts tension on the skin and pulls it on the forehead and the eyes, makes it taut, and helps it become firm. However, care should be taken not to massage only at one location but rather move to different areas on the forehead. A type of massage called pinch massage in which the eyebrows are pinched firmly with the thumb and index finger is also a very effective way to tighten up the skin. The skin is pulled away from the face for the purpose of tightening, and held for about 15 seconds. This should be repeated as the fingers are moved along the eyebrows.
  8. Getting Periodic Ophthalmologic Checkups: Squinting is one of the leading causes of frown lines. This is because squinting causes the skin around the eyes to get together. People who do not wear eye glasses or contact lenses should get their eyes checked, and ones who already wear eye glasses or contacts should ensure that their prescription is recent. Getting eye checkups regularly ensures prevention of forehead frown lines.
  9. Wearing Sunglasses: Wearing sunglasses can also help to prevent and treat frown lines. Sunglasses protect the skin surrounding the eyes from harmful UV rays and also eliminate squinting which in turn prevents and gets rid of forehead frown lines.
  10. Exfoliating: A scrub for exfoliation should be used at least twice a week on the face to get rid of forehead frown lines. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells which clog the skin pores, and allows for the firmer, healthier skin to come up leading to a glowing skin. A healthy and firm skin leads to less number of frown lines.
  11. Taking a Multivitamin: Including multivitamins, preferably with omega-3 fatty acids to the daily diet can help to get rid of frown lines on forehead. These nutrients keep the skin hydrated and supple, which in turn helps to eliminate frown lines.
  12. Being Gentle on the Skin: Be it while washing or drying the face, or when applying lotion or serum on it, one should always be gentle when touching their face. Scrubbing the face roughly can loosen and damage the skin, and eventually lead to the formation of frown lines.
  13. Quitting Smoking: Smokers should try to abstain from smoking immediately as it is one of the leading causes of frown lines. Quitting smoking is a huge step towards getting rid of forehead frown lines.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:September 5, 2023

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