Biceps Tendon Inflammation

There are 2 tendons in the biceps muscles which are joined to shoulder blade. These two tendons attach to the biceps muscle on the upper part of the arm and fix beneath the elbow in the forearm. Biceps muscle helps in flexion of elbow and rotation of forearm. Inflammation of biceps tendon results from chronic overuse of the muscle and tendon seen in activities such as weight lifting, swimming etc. Biceps tendon inflammation is also frequently seen with other shoulder injuries like impingement syndrome, an inflamed upper shoulder blade muscle, bursal inflammation etc.

 Biceps Tendon Inflammation

Causes of Biceps Tendon Inflammation

  • Biceps tendon inflammation is commonly seen in those weight lifters who do excessive bicep curls.
  • People who write a lot, such as students can also suffer from inflammation of biceps tendon.
  • Swimming.

Symptoms of Biceps Tendon Inflammation

Symptoms of Biceps Tendon Inflammation

  • Swelling over the biceps tendon is one of the symptoms of biceps tendon inflammation.
  • Redness over the biceps tendon.
  • Pain upon flexing the arm against resistance s also one symptoms of inflammation of biceps tendon.
  • A person suffering from biceps tendon inflammation has discomfort upon writing.
  • Tenderness to touch (in the crease of the elbow).

Treatment of Biceps Tendon Inflammation

  • Rest the arm.
  • Ice therapy application is an effective conservative treatment for biceps tendon inflammation.
  • Elbow support can be used.
  • Patient suffering from biceps tendon inflammation should seek consultation of a sports injury professional.
  • Ultrasound or laser treatment may be done.
  • NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen help in pain relief from inflammation of biceps tendon.
  • Patient should start a rehabilitation program.

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