Weak or Frail Back

Weak back or frail back muscles particularly the core and abdominal muscles significantly affect a person's lifestyle as weak muscles lead to inadequate back support and result in low back pain and feeling of tiredness.

Symptoms of Weak Back or Frail Back

Weak Back or Frail Back

  • Worsening stiffness along with pain and tiring feeling in the lower back region especially when standing for prolonged periods of time.
  • Lifting or pushing heavy things cause pain in the lower back.
  • Feeling tired after doing only mild physical activities.

Effects of Weak Back or Frail Back

A weak back or a frail back results in pain in the lumbar area of back. If the back and abdominal muscles are not strong enough then they are not able to support and stabilize the spine adequately. This results in pain and stiffness in the lower back. In addition, if a patient has a poor posture, that also puts lot of pressure on the back muscles and causes pain and tiredness to the patient.

Tips To Improve Weak Back or Frail Back

  • Patient should start a rehabilitation program to strengthen the back muscles.
  • If the patient has a bad posture, then it should be improved.
  • Patient should adopt healthy lifestyle by having a balanced diet and exercising in order to keep excess weight at bay and decrease the strain on the back.
  • Regular exercise helps in maintaining flexibility and strength.
  • A back strengthening program should be followed.
  • Proper lifting techniques should be followed.

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