Can You Walk With A Fractured Tibia?

Understanding Fractured Tibia1

The tibia which is also known as the shin bone belongs to the group of long bones of the body with the other long bones being the femur, fibula, and the humerus. The tibia is one of the most common long bones that get fractured. A Fractured Tibia occurs just underneath the knee and above the ankle.

Since the tibia is quite a strong bone it takes significant force for this bone to break. This usually occurs after a severe motor vehicle crash, a bad tackle during a football game, or being hit repetitively on the tibia with a heavy object as an act of violence. A gunshot wound to the leg may also result in a Fractured Tibia. In some cases, a Fractured Tibia may also occur as a result of excessive stress being put on the ankle and foot causing a stress fracture to the tibia.

In cases of a Fractured Tibia due to injury the individual will experience immediate pain and swelling at the site of the injury along with a visible deformity. The question arises whether an individual can walk with a Fractured Tibia.

Can You Walk With A Fractured Tibia?

Can You Walk With A Fractured Tibia?

The answer to this question is both yes as well as no. It totally depends on the type of fracture and the extent of the injury in determining whether an individual will be able to walk with a Fractured Tibia.

In cases where the Fractured Tibia occurs as a result of an injury due to a motor vehicle crash or a gunshot wound where the bones may break into pieces, then in such cases it would be virtually impossible for the individual to put weight on the injured extremity making it impossible to walk. Same goes for cases where Fractured Tibia occurs as a result of a sporting incident or being hit repetitively by a heavy object.

Thus an individual will not be able to walk in cases of a displaced or non-displaced Fractured Tibia. However, in cases of stress fracture of the Tibia, where symptom onset is gradual it may be painful but the individual will be able to put some weight on the extremity and will be able to walk. This is certainly possible in the early stages of a stress fracture of the tibia, although the ability to walk will continuously decline as the condition progresses.

In conclusion, the ability of an individual to walk after a Fractured Tibia totally depends upon the extent of the injury and the type of fracture sustained. For both displaced and non+displaced fracture of the tibia the affected individual will not be able to walk or put any weight on the affected leg.

However in cases of a stress fracture2 the affected individual may be able to walk during the initial stages of the injury till the time there is worsening in pain and other symptoms develop of a Fractured Tibia.


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