What is 2d Echo Test for Heart?

Echo test which is also commonly known as echocardiogram in medical term is a test performed for identifying the current condition of the heart. It is a form of ultrasound test, which is performed by transmitting sound waves to the heart of the patient with the help of a device known as transducer. This device is very helpful in recording the sound echoes that reflects back to different parts of the body. The echoes are then smartly coverts images and are displayed on the monitor.

There is a list of different types of Echo test, such as:

  • Transthoracic Echocardiogram
  • Doppler Echocardiogram
  • Stress Echocardiogram
  • Transesophageal Echocardiogram.

What is 2d Echo Test for Heart?

What Is 2d Echo Test For Heart?

2d Echo test also known as 2D Echocardiography is a test performed to identify the proper functioning of the heart. The 2d Echo test is done using ultrasound technique for taking clear images of the heart. The image is usually shown in cross sectional slice displaying heart chambers, blood vessels, heart valves etc. This 2d Echo test is performed to identify the below mentioned list of heart abnormalities.

  • This 2d Echo test provides a wider and clear image of the heart
  • 2d Echo test identifies any defect in the heart valves
  • 2d Echo test detects irregular heart rhythms like drastic increase or decrease in the rate of heart beat
  • 2d Echo test detects any form of congenital heart disease
  • For patients who have suffered heart attack in the past are more likely to suffer other heart damage, 2d Echo test helps in identifying heart damage (if any)
  • The 2d Echo test is also beneficial in identifying if the sac of the heart is filled any type of infectious fluid

How is 2d Echo Test Performed?

Patients prescribed with 2d Echo test are asked to undress their chest area and then a gel is applied on the chest of the patient. Further, the patient is asked to turn towards their left and doctor slowly moves the transducer on the different parts of the heart. While the 2d Echo test is on the doctor keeps giving instructions to patient about when to breadth slow and when to hold the breadth. A particular breadth pattern helps in getting clear images of the heart. Images first appear on the monitor and then it is either printed on paper or transferred in DVD. This helps in keeping a record for the cardiologist for further treatment. Patients are advised to relax and not to take any type of tension during the 2d Echo test.

Duration of the 2d Echo Test

Usually the 2d Echo test last for around fifteen to twenty minute. However in case heart problem is suspected then the duration of the 2d Echo test varies depending on the severity of the problem. If doctor suspect problem in the heart then they try to make the image more clear and try to spot the exact problem or the cause of the problem.

Is the 2d Echo Test Safe?

There are some people who have strong misconception that the 2d Echo test is not safe but this is not at all true. The fact is that the 2d Echo test is completely safe, in fact there are no valid risks known that are associated with this type of ultrasound test. Doctors always advised that it is better that one should know about their proper functioning of the heart and this can be known by going for frequent health checkups. This way any form of heart problem big or small is detected at the initial stage, which helps doctors to start the treatment at the right time. There are many health organizations providing compete health checkups plans to people of different age groups. Depending on the age of the individual health checkup plan is provided.

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