What is an Anagram of the Heart?

What is an Anagram of the Heart?

Anagram of the heart or Angiogram is the procedure to test to find out more about the blood vessels and coronary artery that supply blood, which carries oxygen and nutrients. Anagram of the heart will further display the regions where the arteries are narrowing in size and blockage. If there is any obstruction, then anagram of the heart will help a cardiologist to access the situation and calculate the severity of the condition. The measurement will also help in understanding about how well the blood is pumping.

To carry out the Anagram of the heart procedure, the cardiologist will insert a thin tube known as a catheter into the artery through the groin. They will slowly guide the thin tube to the heart and inject a dye, which acts as a contrast medium. Due to this dye, the X-ray will show a clear image of your heart and the arteries. The process is same for children, adults, and even the newborns.

During the procedure for Anagram of the heart, the heart monitor will observe the heart rhythm. You can tell the nurse if you feel discomfort during the proceedings. After injecting the dye, the doctor will carry further X-rays to see the narrowing region that is blocking the free flow of the blood. Although you will not feel the pain when the nurse passes the tube, the body feels warm when the doctor injects the dye. The doctor will seal the artery using the collagen plug, which dissolves naturally in 40 days. You will be using a tight wristband to seal the entrance if it is through the hand.

If you think you are pregnant, sharing the same with the doctor during the appointment is of immense importance. It is preferable to keep away from X-ray during such periods. The reason is simple – keeping the unborn away from harmful radiation.

What is an Anagram of the Heart?

Preparation for Anagram of the Heart

The cardiologist will help you in preparing for Anagram of the heart. You will have to share all the details regarding the medicines that you take and other health-related issues. You can continue to use them until the cardiologist asks you to stop them for examination through anagram.

Furthermore, you have to attend the Anagram of the heart test on an empty stomach. It means that you will not be eating or drinking anything before the test for at least three hours. You can request further details related to this query with the concerned doctor.

The doctor will carry out the anagram of the heart procedure under local anesthesia. The anesthesia blocks the local pain that you observe during the entrance of the catheter through the groin or wrist and when it passes through the artery. There is a possibility for the doctor to inject a sedative too! The sedative is helpful in reducing anxiety and increases relaxation. You can head home right after the completion of the test.

Special Considerations for Anagram of the Heart

The doctor will consider all the aspects, along with the severity before weighing whether you can undergo the Anagram of the heart test or not. If the situation calls for the anagram, then the doctor will prevent the radiation emitted by the X-ray by shielding the abdomen using a lead shield.

In other situations, there is a chance that the contrast agent can affect the baby by entering the placenta. However, a few agents are safe and do not harm the unborn. If you are in the state of breastfeeding, then it is advisable to stop breastfeeding the day before and after of the Anagram of the heart.

Take time in talking with your doctor, as the issue of attending anagram is sensitive when you are pregnant. Only go ahead when you feel comfortable with the answers and solutions provided by the physician.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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