What is Anti-Eyebrow Piercing: Cost, Procedure, Complications, Aftercare, Healing Time

What is Anti-Eyebrow Piercing?

Piercing the body is a common phenomenon since the human civilization has started. In the last 20 years, people have been piercing different parts of body to improve their style.

Anti-eyebrow piercing is a procedure of micro needling of the skin. With piercing, people reached authentic and aesthetic look, which make the youngest population more interested and makes a popular trend between them. Anti-eyebrow piercing is a method which is the innovative and modern style in the 21st century.

The young population prefers anti-eyebrow piercing trend more specifically, like teardrop piercing, by making it below the eye and above the cheek bone. With Anti-eyebrow piercing, people enhance their facial attractions and enhance their look and style.

What is Anti-Eyebrow Piercing?

Cost of Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

The price of anti-eyebrow piercing depends from studio to another studio. Price of the jewelry is also included. The price is generally around $40-$70 and it could cost more on the type of jewelry selected.

Procedure and Aftercare for Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercing is almost the same with other piercing procedures; expect that this procedure is made just below the external corner of the eye orbit, low lashes and above the cheek bone area. Professional Anti-eyebrow piercing technique should not have any contact with bones, nerves or muscles.

Anti-eyebrow piercing is conducted solely on a facial skin. Anti-eyebrow piercing can be made in two different ways: you can experiment between vertically or even horizontally, depending of the choice of you and other costumers. Exact placement is very important for Anti-eyebrow piercing.

Before the anti-eyebrow piercing, the experts first of all, must to mark the area, below the eye orbit or cheek bone. Then, they need clean surface, by cleaning the area with cotton balls soaked in clear alcohol or medical iodine to sterilize it. Then with tool, they captured the skin and insert a sterilized needle at the skin and gently push the pierce into the desired place.

Anti-eyebrow piercing is one type of procedure, which needs at least 6-8 weeks for completely heal the wound. During that period, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by the expert. Proper cleaning and hygiene are most important to reduce the risk of disease and infections, which means:

  • Regular cleaning with piercing after care swabs or piercing aftercare spray, to reduce the redness and inflammation. For proper cleaning, take a cotton ball and dip it in warm water and clean gently the wound. Then dry it very well with clean towel;
  • Sea salt in warm water gives additional protection for anti-eyebrow piercing. Facial regions are the most exposed on external influences. Sea salt contains calcium, which is cleaner of the skin pores and minimizes the chances of development of infection, dirt or germs. With cleaning with this kind of water twice a day, the chances of infection and disease are on low level;
  • Compression with hot towel is another way to prevent infection for anti-eyebrow piercing and is a good aftercare step;
  • Any liquid secretion, yellow secret or blood, pain or itching at the pierced area, are the indication of disease. If this happen, immediately talk with your doctor, and take some antibiotics to treat the infection;
  • Choosing the jewelry is also very important. For this, Anti-eyebrow piercing studio must have bent surface bars, which are perfect option. Other options for piercing are barbells, surface bars, captive rings or shaped bars. In front of all, surface bars are the most safest and most recommended bars for any types and positions of piercing;
  • Do not move or even take off the jewelry at the initial days, it will be hard to put it back again;
  • Aspirin group of medicine is not in range for used drugs after piercing, it may stimulate bleeding reaction;
  • Rotate the jewelry may be necessary, but it may normally cause pain at the site;
  • Using makeup is not allowed for a short vial in facial skin.

Complications of Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

First complication with anti-eyebrow piercing may be the development of infection. It is usually seen as:

  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Leakage blood or pus from the piercing area
  • High possibility of allergic rejections to the jewelry followed by pain and itching;
  • Itching can cause darkening of the skin or even a scar.

If this happen, it is very important to immediate remove the piercing jewelry. Medical consultation with the doctor are also required to check and stop the infection, otherwise it may have implications. Optic nerve, skin or muscles may be damaged with improper piercing technique. It is always good to know the standard clamp and pierce methods or even the newer two methods of this technique.

  • You should not be scary about these facts. After anti-eyebrow piercing, redness and pain are usual at the site of piercing and it may last for additional two to three days.
  • Anti-eyebrow piercing method is made near the eye, so chances of optic nerve damage are always there, which will affect the vision. Other possible risk is migration. It happens if the insertion technique is not made properly or selection of jewelry is not appropriate. It may be very shallow or very deep. In such a state of piercing, location can be changed until we get the desired.

What is the Aftercare Routine for Anti-eyebrow Piercing?

Below mentioned points are the precautions and aftercare routine for anti-eyebrow piercing:

  • Using cotton swabs and warm salt water clean the area is a good after care procedure for anti-eyebrow piercing
  • Carefully wash the part with a mild soap
  • Dry the piercing are by using a clear paper towel
  • Do not apply any cosmetic preps or creams on the pierced area
  • Keep your bedding neat and clean
  • Do not subject the area to inadequate conditions
  • Do not remove or change the jewelry.

What is the Anti-eyebrow Piercing Healing Time?

Anti-eyebrow piercing takes time to heal. For about 6 to 8 weeks, the pierced area needs to undergo completely healing.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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