Are Heart Stents Permanent?

Generally heart stent is the small tube which protects your heart from blocks and your doctor will insert into the blocked passageway for better heart functioning. This heart stent can restore the flow of blood or other kinds of fluids. Heart stent is made of either plastic or metal and it is most important when plaque blocks the blood vessel. As everyone knows plaque is made of certain substances and cholesterol which attach to the walls of vessel. Heart stent can be mostly used to prevent aneurysms from cracking at your aorta, brain and other blood vessels. In a simple term, heart stent is the metal mesh that gets inserted at your arteries. Actually heart stent surgery is most common procedure after heart attack and you can take this surgery when you look to relieve from symptoms of the heart disease.

Are Heart Stents Permanent?

Are Heart Stents Permanent?

Whether heart stents are permanent depends on many factors. A new heart stent might dissolve in artery for more than three years after being implanted. If you suffer from coronary artery disease then it is advisable to consult with your health professional immediately. There are different types of the heart stents but it is referred to as coronary or cardiac stent. After heart stent surgery, you must start exercise program so that you can easily get rid of from heart related problems.

In fact how long do heart stents last is based on your age, lifestyle and heart problems. Once the heart stent is implanted then it may remain in your artery permanently. Coronary arteries deliver the oxygen rich blood to heart muscle and heart stent is mostly used to treat blocked or narrowed coronary arteries. If you consult with your health professional then you can know about benefits and risks involved in the cardiac stent. Your doctor might insert the heart stent under local anesthesia and they might make small incision at your arm, neck or groin. During this heart stent treatment, filter will prevent blood clots and plaque from floating freely in your bloodstream. Certain type of the heart stent is also known as drug eluting heart stent and it is coated with the medication to lower the risk of restenosis. In order to lead healthy life after implant, you must follow some tips such as eat a well balanced diet, quit smoking and exercise regularly. When you follow this step, you must control your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Studies show that there are two types of the heart stent; drug eluting stents and bare metal stents. Drug eluting heart stent is coated with medication which is sufficient to prevent the growth of scar tissue. There are more numbers of benefits of heart stents such as:

  • It can save your life and minimize heart muscle damage
  • Improve functioning of kidney
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Restore blood flow.

In fact stent offer life saving and enhances treatment for certain conditions. A blocked artery might cause some serious health problems. Actually heart stent is the effective treatment for heart attack, stroke and gangrene.

To Understand Importance of Heart Stent

After the heart stent procedure, your health professional might recommend to take specific types of anticlotting medicine and aspirin. This kind of the medicine is really useful to prevent blood clots from forming in heart stent. A blood clot might lead to some serious problems. Suppose you have metal heart stent then health professional might suggest to take aspirin for at least one month. If your heart stent is coated with the medicine then your doctor is recommended to use aspirin for more than twelve month. You must avoid the vigorous weight lifting and exercise for short time after the heart stent procedure. Lifestyle changes like quit smoking, losing weight, being physically active and reducing stress are really useful to expand your life span.

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