Plastic Surgery Treatments That Work Effectively in Treating Burn Marks and Birthmarks

Skin is the largest organ and the outer covering of the body. The skin remains exposed to the external world and acts as a barrier between the body and the external body. The skin bears constant stress, foreign materials, and several other things. The skin gets damaged at first in the process of protecting the internal organs.
If there is a fire accident, the skin may get severely damaged. The victims may not lead a normal life for the post-burn scars and other deformities. Apart from the deformities, the post-burn scars will make the skin cosmetically unappealing. The severe scars and burn marks require medical attention and reconstructive surgery. Fire accidents are one of the major threats to the skin. Even large birthmarks or scars from the birth time could play a major role in making a person cosmetically unappealing.

There are no permanent nonsurgical treatments to regain back cosmetically appealing skin! There are different surgical methods to recover from the burn injuries and to remove the birthmarks as well. Individuals need to consult an expert to get the best suggestions and treatments.

The expert will diagnose the patient or individuals and prepare a report determining the severity of the case. The expert surgeons will decide the right time for surgical intervention. The advanced improvements in medical science bring innovative ways to recover from the trauma. Plastic Surgery is the surgical treatment that deals with skin restoration, reconstruction as well as alternation. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are the main categories of Plastic surgery in the treatment of burn marks and birthmarks.

The Plastic Surgery Treatments That Work Effectively in Treating Burn Marks and Birthmarks

Reconstructive Surgery

Skin Grafts- Xeno Grafts

Skin Graft is a plastic surgery treatment for burn patients. In this process, the surgeons remove the skin from one part of the body and transplant it to the burn area. With Temporary Skin Graft technique, the surgeons cover the burned area with a temporary cover that preserves the sterility and prevents any further skin damage.

Permanent Skin Graft gets categorized into two forms, i.e., Split Thickness Graft and Full Thickness Graft. In Split Thickness Graft a few layers of the outer skin get transplanted while in Full-Thickness Grafts, the entire dermis layer gets transplanted. Depending on the depth and size of the burn, the plastic surgeon decides the best effective surgery.

Skin Graft plastic surgery technique promotes healing of the burned skin and minimizes the scar. Patients may require more than one skin graft surgery. The surgeons use Dermatome which is a special medical instrument used to cut skin. The surgeons cut the skin from the hidden areas for transplanting. The recovery time of split thickness graft is rapid, and the patient recovers within three weeks of surgery. The recovery time of full-thickness skin graft is long.

Dermabrasion- Surgical Skin Planning

It is difficult to remove the scar from the skin surface completely. But, with Dermabrasion surgical technique, the plastic surgeons remove the raised scars and change its appearance. The surgeons use laser or sterile wire brush or diamond wheel for removing the scars. This technique effectively lessens the appearance of the burn injury scars.


Amputation surgical technique works effectively for patients with severe burn damages on their arms, hands, legs, and feet. The surgeons decide the necessity of implementing this technique after diagnosing the patient. The surgeons measure the depth and extent of the burn damage while diagnosing. The surgeons also decide which surgical technique will respond best to the burn damages.

Free Flap Surgery

Free Flap Surgery is the common plastic surgery treatment procedure performed for breast reconstruction or to remove cancer from head or neck. But this technique is an effective reconstructive surgery that also effectively works for burn damages. The plastic surgeons transplant muscle and skin with the original blood from one body part to other. This technique involves microsurgery.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue Expansion is an effective plastic surgery treatment method that enables the body to grow extra skin that is helpful for the reconstructive procedure. The experts perform the procedure by inserting a balloon expander instrument under the skin area requiring surgery. The balloon gets filled with a saline solution that causes the skin stretch and growth. When the skin grows to the desired size, the surgeons use the skin patch to reconstruct the damaged area.

Z- Plasty and W-Plasty Surgery

Though Z- Plasty and W-Plasty Surgery methods don’t work effectively for recovering from the burn marks, plastic surgeons recommend it for scar management.

Cosmetic Surgery

Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy is highly beneficial for removing birthmarks and scars. Individuals with skin deformities or scars from birth can reduce the intensity of the scars with laser light therapy. The laser treatment lightens the scars up to 90%. Pulse Dye Laser treatment is a common type of plastic surgery treatment for removing birthmarks.


The advancements in the field of technology and science introduced several innovative and effective ways to bring a transformation by treating the deformities. Surgical treatments work effectively and are long-lasting. But, it is essential to consult an expert with experience in dealing with similar cases. The expert will diagnose and learn about the requirements. You can recover from the pain and trauma with expert treatment!

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