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Types of Nose Surgery

There are several types of nose surgeries besides cosmetic rhinoplasty. Usually, rhinoplasty is a common choice among people looking for enhancing aesthetic appeal. Still, there are several endless nose surgeries intended to fulfill different outcomes.

Although, every individual is unique and so every cosmetic or nose surgery will be different in a way. Any single nose surgery might not be able to bring out similar results for two different individuals especially if it is cosmetic surgery. Hence, it is important to know the different types of nose surgery and the benefits of it.

Types of Nose Surgery

Types of Nose Surgery

There are several types of nose surgeries. There are nearly 14 of them which are mentioned below:

  1. Rhinoplasty: This particular nose surgery in itself has several different subtypes. According to the classic book Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters, every incision made to gain access for surgery should not be merely considered as an external and internal access1. It acts as access to the specific areas of the nose and can lead to higher or lower trauma, necessity of complex surgical maneuvers, expositions and requirements of surgical grafts and/or sutures as well. Depending on the problem and the kind of correction required, the procedure is decided from the following types:

    • Reduction Rhinoplasty: This type of nose surgery does help for size reduction. The patients mainly go for this kind of surgery when overall size reduction is the need or even choosing specific areas to decrease in size like a hump, bump, a tip of the nose etc. The resizing job of the nose is done mainly either by removal of some cartilage or even a bone during the procedure to achieve the desired shape and size. Bone or tissue grafting is done during the procedure by the doctor to build the nose bridge or nasal tip etc. In some cases, cartilage for other nose sections like septum is also utilized for resizing. If sufficient tissue is not available during revising then alloplasts including synthetic implants or autologous implants which are harvested from the patient’s tissue or allogenous implants using cadavers are used by the rhinoplastic surgeon. In severe cases, nose collapse might also require skin grafting to thicken the skin unto the desired level.
    • Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty: The entire nasal structure is very delicate and is formed of very intricate sections which interconnect to form the shape of the nose. During any type of nose surgery, several disastrous things might affect the entire carved nose structure. Hence, the balanced structural nose gets damaged involving cartilage damage, broken bones, internal and visible damage causing impaired functioning and even trouble to breathe. Excessive bleeding is another area of concern as blood clots can form up around the septum which might even block the path of normal blood flow. It can cause the death of the surrounding cartilage between the airways, if not treated on time. It can also cause the collapse of the nose bridge due to septal hematoma and leading to boxer nose deformity and saddle nose. During post-traumatic rhinoplasty, all the injuries along with damaged airways are taken care of. But such injuries are mainly because of accidents or sports injuries.
    • Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: This surgery is mainly done in cases of cancer removal or facial trauma situations when the nose is left disfigured. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is done to restore the damaged or missing tissue of the nose. In this surgical repair procedure, usage of grafting and flaps from different parts of the body is done to restore the missing portion of the nose. The entire surgical procedure is so complex and hence might require multiple surgeries done in small parts to accomplish the main goal of reconstructive rhinoplasty. Hence, surgeons with enhanced and extensive experience must be approached for this particular surgery.
    • Refinement Rhinoplasty: This surgery is mainly for the happiness of the patient with their nasal tips. Many people are not so satisfied with their pointy tips of the nose. For an appealing face usually tip projection is considered important but an overly pointed or entirely bulbous tip is sometimes not accepted by a few people and they prefer to go under the knife treatments. Rhinoplasty is basically an individualized procedure which is done as per the specific needs of an individual. Every need of a person is carefully catered as per facial features and demand. Further tip refinement in a pleasing fashion is also done in this surgery to complement the face. The surgeon might choose to add or remove partial cartilage tissue as per the need in order to reshape the nose. During the surgery, the patient is under the effect of anesthesia. Initially, the surgeon examines the internal structures of the nose with a high-resolution 3D camera images and later incision is done at the appropriate site, to begin with the surgery. The lanes of the cartilage are then modified during the procedure as per the need. The fat tissue is either removed or repositioned for redefining the structure of the nose and even implants are required in some of the cases to provide better support and structural shape. In the end, all incisions are entirely sealed with the help of dissolvable sutures.
    • Ethnic Rhinoplasty: In this surgical procedure, the nose surgery is mainly done to create a symmetrical as well as aesthetically pleasing nose. A nose job which suits a specific face is done without altering an individual’s other facial features.
    • Revision Rhinoplasty: This surgical procedure is mainly done to repair any damage or effects caused by any previous surgery. Some dissatisfaction on cosmetic surgeries or some troubles created from old nasal surgeries like breathing problem etc. is all done under these revision rhinoplasties.
  2. Septoplasty Surgery: This surgical procedure involves fixing of the nasal septum which is the main wall of the nose made up of bone and cartilage for separating the nostrils. A deviation of the septum to one side either due to birth defects or caused by some injury can be rectified by this surgery.

  3. Alarplasty Surgery: This surgical procedure is done to reshape the alar portion of the nose. The sides of the nose touching the base are referred to as the alar portion. This surgery involves reshaping or narrowing of the nose to create a more balanced base of the nose. It is visibly more balanced and defined with respect to all other nose structures.

  4. Turbinoplasty Surgery: This surgical procedure for nose actually helps in the size reduction of the turbinates. The short turbinates positioned along the side walls of the nose can cause severe swelling and obstruction. However, by reducing their size with the help of turbinoplasty surgery, the obstruction can be minimized and breathing can be improved.

  5. Sinus Surgeries: Several forms of sinus surgeries are done on a daily basis in every reputed ENT hospital. The reason behind this is not for any cosmetic purpose but has a medical intend for the same. Several sinus surgeries are available as per the need of the patient. They are listed below:

  • Polypectomy: In this sinus surgery removal of polyps inside the nasal pathway is done to reopen the obstruction caused. So surgery is required for the removal of such polyps in the nose which are a sort of swelled up linings of the nasal passage blocking out the way. This surgery is done under the effect of general anesthesia with the help of some telescopic tool to help in visualizing the inner section. Even a tool named microdebrider is also used at times for removal of such polyps from the nasal pathway.
  • Ballon Sinuplasty: This surgical procedure for nose involves removal of the diseased tissue which builds up polyps and causes sinus inflammation. Endoscope along with some surgical instruments is used by the surgeon to reach out the nasal cavities via nostrils. Even widening of the nasal passages is also done in this surgery to relieve sinus blockage and increase the breathing ability of the patient. This surgical procedure is mainly an outpatient surgery and might not require any hospitalization until there is another complex condition besides this.
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: This type of sinus surgery involves removal of the diseased tissue which forms up the polyps and also to rectify sinus inflammation causing issues. During this surgery, the surgeon uses endoscope insertion via nostrils to reach the nasal cavities along with some other devices to help with the surgery. A widener opening is created by removing all obstructions in the nasal pathway which causes breathing troubles. This procedure is done as an outpatient surely and does not require any hospitalization unless any additional surgery or complication is linked up in the case.
  • Ethmoidectomy: An ethmoid sinus appears between the eyes and nose bridge. If it gets blocked then the infection might spread to other sinuses as well. Also, this ethmoid sinus is the main key to treat all types of sinus infections because all other sinuses either drains through this on or lies nearby to it.


Several types of nose surgeries are available these days. With new advancements in the medical field, both treatments, as well as cosmetic surgery options, are increasing every day. Cosmetic surgery is also in trend these days among teens of America or even in other countries besides the celebrities.

These nose surgeries are done by professional doctors and the procedure is done under the effect of anesthesia in an outpatient department. So, no hospitalization hassles are attached with these surgeries. However, the most important thing to work on before getting any nose surgery done is only to find the best and experienced surgeon so as to minimize any chance of getting it wrongly done. Because it makes a difference in how one looks, in real life, half of these nose surgeries are done for getting aesthetic looks which one needs.


  1. Gunter J. Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters. St. Louis: Quality Medical Publishing; 2006:2279.
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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