What are the Side Effects of Microneedling?

Microneedling procedure is a less invasive cosmetic procedure that is generally used for treating several skin problems. Though this procedure is gaining much popularity, there are several side effects of micro-needling. Read below and know about the common and serious side effects of Microneedling.

What Are The Side Effects Of Microneedling?

Microneedling is a less invasive cosmetic procedure that may be used to repair several skin concerns, such as acne scars, stretch marks and some age related issues. Microneedling treats skin problems through collagen production.

However, like any other skin rejuvenation therapy, microneedling is also accompanied with a number of side effects, which you should be aware of before starting this treatment.

Common & Harmless Side Effects of Microneedling

Redness of Skin from Microneedling

Skin redness is the most common side effect of microneedling. However, this redness of skin disappears within a few hours. It must be mentioned that if you make use of the derma roller aggressively or use long needles in Microneedling, then the skin redness may persist even the next day. Using tinted moisturizer can help minimize any skin redness resulting from microneedling.

Skin Dryness as a Side Effect of Microneedling

Skin dryness is another common side effect of the microneedling procedure. Skin dryness occurs when you use the derma roller with firm pressure or when longer needles are used in the microneedling procedure. Using moisturizer helps in eradicating this common and harmless side effect of microneedling.

Sun Sensitivity Caused by Microneedling

Your skin can become more sensitive to the sun after the microneedling procedure. However, you can beat this side effect of microneedling by avoiding direct exposure to the sun for at least a week and manage this side effect of sun sensitivity. Using a sun screen also works in managing this side effect of microneedling.

Inflammation as a Side Effect of Microneedling

Normally inflammation occurs in people with sensitive skin and who undergo microneedling. But this side effect of microneedling subsides in a few hours.

Pain While Using Dermaroller

You may experience pain during the microneedling procedure, depending on how you apply the pressure while rolling, the length of the needle used, and your skin sensitivity and pain tolerance. You can use ice roller or numbing cream for minimizing the pain in case you find the microneedling treatment quite painful.

Bleeding from Microneedling

There may be temporary bleeding because of the use of the microneedling device, if it has long needles. In order to prevent this microneedling side effect, you must avoid putting a lot of pressure while rolling the microneedling device.

Irritation of Skin as a Side Effect of Microneedling

Skin irritation is another side effect of microneedling. Usually, individuals with hypersensitive skin experience irritation of skin. You must consult with your doctor if you experience this side effect from microneedling.

Bruising of Skin as a Side Effect of Microneedling

One more side effect of microneedling is bruising of the skin. The use of long length micro-needles and also rolling with firm pressure can result in skin bruising. It is thus important for you to make use of correct needle lengths and use gentle pressure to avoid the side effects from microneedling.

Scratched Skin Caused by Microneedling

This side effect from microneedling may occur when the microneedling device is aggressively rolled and also when it is repeatedly rolled over the same area of skin during the treatment. You must keep in mind that when one rolling is completed, you must lift the derma roller immediately and start afresh from the other end or in other part of the skin.

Temporary Hyperpigmentation as a Side Effect of Microneedling

Temporary hyperpigmentation occurs occasionally as a side effect of microneedling and white skinned individuals are quite prone to it. You need to avoid this side effect of microneedling by avoiding direct exposure to the sun for few days after the treatment. You also need to use sunscreen until complete recovery from the microneedling treatment is achieved.

Serious Side Effects of Microneedling Procedure

Acne/Dark Spots and Scars as a Side Effect of Microneedling

Acne and dark spots are also a side effect of the microneedling procedure. Using microneedling device on active acne is a big NO NO, as it spreads bacteria all over your face and worsens the acne. You can instead make use of derma-stamp for treating acne. Scars are also a common side effect of microneedling.

Skin Infection Caused by Microneedling

The most serious side effect of microneedling procedure is infection. However, skin infection can be prevented easily by cleaning or disinfecting the dermapen or the dermaroller and also by cleaning the area that requires the microneedling treatment.


So now that you are aware of the various side effects of microneedling procedure, you are well prepared now. Apart from all this, you should also understand that you can suffer from side effects of microneedling because of low quality microneedling devices. So, it is essential that you purchase the tools and devices needed for microneedling only from a renowned manufacturer and use sterilized needles.

NOTE: In order to maintain and achieve best results of your microneedling treatment, you would require several sessions and also some other complementing treatments. So, it is important for you to talk with your doctor/dermatologist and take the best advice for the most effective treatment plans for your skin condition.

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