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What is Perlane, Know the Uses and Benefits of Perlane Dermal Filler

Cosmetic dermal fillers have become extremely popular amongst people of all ages around the world. There are many types of dermal fillers that are available. Some of the most popular ones include Botox, Perlane, and Restylane. Perlane and Restylane are very similar to each other, both being made of hyaluronic acid. Perlane has been used successfully for the treatment of wrinkles for many years now. Perlane is made by Medicis. Both Restylane and Perlane are considered to be sister brands. Today, we discuss the benefits and uses of using the Perlane dermal filler.

What is Perlane?

What is Perlane?

Perlane is a popular brand of dermal fillers, which are non-toxic substances that are injected under the skin to smooth out wrinkles, fine lines, nasolabial folds, and even acne scars. Dermal fillers also help add volume and define to lips. They are also used for the contouring of the nose and chin, to plump out the skin of cheeks and to give your temples a lifted and fuller appearance.

Perlane is one of the more popular dermal fillers. It is considered to be a thicker dermal filler than Restylane, which is considered to be the sister brand of Perlane, both of which are made by Medicis.

Perlane has been present in the market since 2000. Hyaluronic acid is known to fight off wrinkles by creating volume under the skin, making the skin appear smoother.

Perlane helps in stopping the breakdown of collagen and enzymes in the skin for a certain period of time. When this breakdown process is blocked, it makes the skin appear more voluminous in the areas where the product has been injected. This also creates smoother looking skin, and reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

The average cost of Perlane dermal fillers is around $650 to $700 per treatment. The ‘per injection’ cost of Perlane is anywhere between $500 to $650.

Uses of Perlane Dermal Filler

Perlane dermal filler is widely used for the treatment of deep wrinkles present around the nose, lips, and the forehead. Perlane is known to improve the sunken facial depressions in your chin, under-eyes, and the cheeks.

Perlane is also used successfully for decreasing the severity of the lines that run from your nose to the corners of the mouth. This area is known as the nasolabial folds.

Perlane dermal filler is also effective in treating the lines that form at the corners of your mouth and move towards your jawline, also known as the marionette lines.

Many people are using Perlane dermal filler for redefining the borders of their lips and for softening the appearance of depressed scars.

Benefits of Perlane Dermal Filler

Some of the benefits of using Perlane dermal filler over other dermal fillers include:

Completely Natural Product: Perlane dermal filler, made up of HA, is manufactured to act like it has been produced by your own body. This is because HA is also naturally produced by the body. Similar to collagen and elastin, HA also works from inside the body to help in keeping your skin supple and retain its elasticity. Perlane dermal filler also works together with the body to make the skin feel and also look more radiant and youthful.

Versatile Uses: Perlane dermal filler is popular because it can be used for many purposes. From treating deep facial lines to even the marionette lines present around the chin and the mouth, Perlane has many uses. Perlane dermal filler is also used effectively to give expert contour to the cheeks. This helps get rid of hollow and sunken cheeks that happens as the skin ages and natural fat loss occurs. Perlane is also being used for contouring and augmenting the lips, adding fullness to the lips, and also to fill out any wrinkles present around the lips.

Immediate Results: One of the biggest differences between Botox and Perlane injections is that the results of Perlane dermal filler are immediately visible. This gives the patients an immediate view of how much their appearance has improved. The appearance of fines lines, wrinkles, and even folds, also continue to improve over a period of time because HA works naturally with the skin to add a suppleness that occurs naturally. In fact, according to the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), nearly 90% of the patients who undergo Perlane treatments have successfully achieved the ‘optimal correction of volume loss from the midface, caused by folds and wrinkles.’

Safety: Perlane dermal filler is composed of HA, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it is not only hypoallergenic, but it is extremely unlikely that it will cause an allergic reaction. This is why Perlane injections do not need to undergo a pre-treatment skin test and is considered to be a much safer option than other artificial or synthetic dermal fillers.

The Effect Lasts Longer: Perlane binds naturally with the water present in your skin. This allows it to remain in the skin for a longer period of time following the initial treatment. This helps retain the effects of the injection for a period of six months to even a year at times. Perlane dermal filler has also shown to perform better in reducing wrinkles as compared to other non-permanent wrinkle fillers.


Perlane injections are available at all leading dermatological clinics, medical spas, and even with plastic surgeons. However, it is important that you only get the treatment done by an experienced professional who has a valid medical license. This is why it is important that you do your research and preferably ask for recommendations before you decide on a treatment provider. Perlane can help get rid of many skin-related issues, and also be used for hand rejuvenation treatment. Do keep in mind, though, that Perlane injections are not covered by any insurance scheme.


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