What Do You Wear for a Stress Test & What is the Procedure for Stress Test?

The stress test measures the blood flow when you are at rest and when the heart is under pressure, such as during intense activities, exercises, and stress. Although anyone can opt for the stress test, it is primarily for people who underwent heart surgery, suffering from coronary artery diseases, and had an incident of a heart attack.

What Do You Wear For A Stress Test?

If you had an appointment for a stress test, then it is important to understand that you will have to wear loose clothes along with a comfortable sneakers or sports shoes. The reason is that the stress test consists of intense exercise activity that will help the doctor monitor the blood flow to the heart.

With the help of the stress test, the doctor will be in a position to understand the flow of blood to the heart. At rest, the heart receives an appropriate amount of oxygen and nutrients through the smooth circulation of the blood. However, when it is under pressure, there is an increase in the supply of blood in order to maintain the requirement of oxygen and nutrients.

For healthy people or teenagers, after performing strenuous activities such as an exercise, it is possible to get back to the normal condition in a few minutes. However, for people with heart conditions, they show signs such as dizziness, shortness of breath, and in some cases heart attack. The stress test will help in deciding the location where there is less flow of blood.

What is the Procedure of the Stress Test?

If you are displaying signs of chest pain, dizziness, abnormal heart rhythm, or as a routine checkup, opting for stress test will be of immense help. At first, the doctor will begin by collecting information related to the symptoms that you mention. They will also gather data on the amount of exercises that you indulge in to choose the appropriate stress test.

Apart from the information, the doctor will also ask you to wear loose clothes for stress test along with a comfortable sneakers or a sports shoes. The reason is that it will help in pressurizing the body during the intense activity. The procedure consists of walking or running on a treadmill or cycling on a stand-alone bicycle. You will be beginning the activity at low speeds and slowly increase the speed. You will continue to perform the action until you show signs of dizziness or shortness of breath. Once you reach such a state, you will slow down the speed and completely stop the process.

What Information Does the Doctor Collect?

The stress test will calculate the impulses produced by the heart when you are at rest and during the exercise. The comparison of the stress test results will help the physician to find out the region where there is less flow of blood during activities. Stress test will also assist in understanding whether you are suffering from coronary artery diseases. If it is the reason, then there is a chance that the heart does not receive its share of oxygen and nutrients through the blood flow due to the narrow passage.

As the results are available, the doctor will prescribe the treatment according to the impulses created at rest and during the intense activity. The program is different for everyone. Therefore, it is hard to state a specific procedure that makes it as an equal treatment for all. Undertaking the stress test is helpful for all those who had a previous record of heart ailments to guarantee that there are no additional complications or the occurrence of silent ischemia. The treatment after stress test includes exercises that do not push the stress on the heart and diet control where there is less intake of cholesterol.

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