Who Needs Weight Loss Surgery, Know its Positive & Negative Effects, Recovery & After Care

With the immense changes in lifestyle and eating habits among people, obesity has become a major health concern for many. People who are health conscious make sure to eat healthy and exercise well to keep obesity at bay. While many follow a strict routine of daily exercise and nutritious food, there are people who are not able to lose weight. People who are morbidly obese may be advised techniques like weight loss surgery. Know about weight loss surgery effects and make an informed decision.

Who Needs Weight Loss Surgery?

Who Needs Weight Loss Surgery?

The Body Mass Index is an indication of the health condition of the body. If the BMI is 40 or more, they may be a potential case of obesity that requires immediate attention. While health experts suggest losing weight by exercising regularly and eating a balanced yet controlled diet, but for some exercise and diet does not help. In such cases they are suggested to go for medical treatment for weight reduction and opt for weight loss surgery.

People suffering from obesity try to reduce weight by trying out various exercise routines like yoga, running, joining a gym or playing sports. While a proper routine of exercise does help, people may need something extra to facilitate the weight loss. This is when weight loss surgery becomes necessary. There are different problems associated with obesity that may affect a person physically as well as mentally. Surgery becomes necessary when the body fat is on the excessive end and immediate attention needs to be given to weight reduction. Weight reduction surgery involves a process of removing the fat from the body and altering the body to give it a feeling of satiety.

A weight loss surgery may not be undertaken as a quick solution to obesity but a gradual process to remove the excess fat from the body to contour it facilitating weight loss. It is just a step towards becoming healthy. Those who are morbidly obese, those who are overweight and at increased risk of other diseases may need to undergo weight loss surgery, if advised.

Positive Effects of Weight Loss Surgery

Before undergoing a weight loss surgery, it is essential for the patient to understand the positive weight loss surgery effects.

Weight Loss

The effect may vary depending on the procedures used for weight loss surgery. The weight loss procedure works on trying to suppress hunger hence making you feel full in small portions of food or feel hungry less often. Once the surgery is done, the weight reduces over a period of time rapidly. This is one of the most positive effects of weight loss surgery.

Improved Eating Habits

One of the main positive effects of weight loss surgery is improvement in your eating habits. The different weight loss procedures work from suppressing hunger to giving a satiety feeling to the body for a longer duration. This will slow down your eating with changed eating habits like eating smaller portions, eating more nutritious food or limiting your food intake. Bigger portions of sugary and fatty food may make you feel nauseous. With improved eating habits, there is an overall impact on your appearance and lifestyle. Better eating habits not only promote good health but also improve the texture of skin and hair.

Need for More Nutritious Food

During the weight loss surgery, a lot of vital nutrients are lost from the body. To maintain the effect of the procedure and to meet your need of vital nutrients, you get into the habit of consuming nutritious food. One of the positive weight loss surgery effects is that your body needs more nutritious food. So you begin tracking all that you consume and prefer only nutritious foods.

Contoured Body

After the weight loss surgery, you can find noticeable difference in your body structure. The whole body can reduce up to several inches after the weight loss surgery. This is another popular weight loss surgery effect, which makes you more appealing.

Improved Self- Confidence

With a refreshed body, comes an improved self-confidence. As the weight loss surgery effects shows reduction in your size, you will fell refreshed, more energetic and more confident about yourself. This will have a much needed positive impact on your social and personal life.

Negative Effects of Weight Loss Surgery

Though the surgery has a high rate of success, there are a few possible negative side effects that come with it. While the weight loss surgery effects may pose no serious problems, there can be few complications after the surgery as listed below:

Indigestion and Constipation

One of the common problem people may encounter is that of indigestion and constipation. A little check on the diet taken immediately after the surgery may help to deal with this negative effect of weight loss surgery.

Nausea and Vomiting

After the weight loss surgery, getting used to a certain eating pattern can take time. Bigger portions of food, eating certain foods like sugary food or eating more often may lead to side effects like nausea and vomiting. Proper diet regimen and medicines, if required can help to overcome this problem.


It is essential to maintain a hygienic surrounding after the weight loss surgery to avoid any type of infection in the wounds. If infection occurs, antibiotics and antiseptic solutions may be recommended.

Bleeding or Clots

One of the negative effects of weight loss surgery is that of bleeding from wounds or formation of blood clots in some cases. It is necessary to take care of the wounds and stitches till they are completely healed. Blood clots can be treated with blood thinning medicines.

Recovery and After Care Following Weight Loss Surgery

Due to the weight loss surgery effects, patients are advised to pay special attention to their food intake during the recovery phase. As the body loses a lot of nutrients during the procedure, healthy food with rich amounts of iron, proteins, calcium, folic acid and vitamins like D and B12 are recommended. With good nutrition, regular exercise and consumption of meals in small to frequent portions negative weight loss surgery effects can be easily subsided enabling patients get healthy and live a good life.


Weight loss surgery brings about a lot of changes in the health and lifestyle of a person. Weight reduction, better appearance and an active life are the positive weight loss surgery effects. The result of the procedure may be seen immediately after the surgery. Depending on the type of weight reduction procedure, the after care is suggested. The recovery following weight loss surgery may be gradual. Along with other weight loss surgery effects, the surgery can improve conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol.

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