7 Best Exercises for Footballer's Ankle

Footballer's ankle refers to a condition where the ligaments of the ankle or tendons of the ankle get pinched or compressed between the talus and the tibia. This causes pain, swelling and inflammation. The Footballer's ankle can be due to the ankle has been over strained, overstretched or overflexed.

The following are some of the routine exercises recommended for Footballer's Ankle to speed up the recovery period. Ankle strength and power should be slowly progressed from non-weight bear to partial and then full weight bear exercises for footballers ankle. Before starting any exercise it is always mandatory to seek professional advice with a sports physician or a physical therapist who can formulate a detailed exercise regimen to improve the recovery period of footballers ankle injury.

7 Best Exercises for Footballer's Ankle:

  1. Ankle Plantar Flexion Exercise
  2. Ankle Eversion Exercise
  3. Ankle Inversion Exercise
  4. Exercise for Footballer's Ankle-Dorsiflexor Strengthening
  5. Ankle Eversion Strengthening Exercise
  6. Ankle Inversion Strengthening Exercise
  7. Inversion/Eversion Balance Exercises

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