Mckenzie Exercises to Treat Back Pain

5 McKenzie Exercises to Treat Back Pain

McKenzie Exercises for Back is one of the most effective ways to treat the back pain. This is the most commonly experienced health problem by one and all, young and elderly. Sedentary life style may be the primary reason for this problem. McKenzie Exercises for Back can give great relief for back when practiced diligently under professional guidance. This method of exercises was developed by the world renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie of New Zealand in 1950. McKenzie Method of exercises have given significant positive results world wide. McKenzie method is a very safe, proven and effective method of diagnosis for back pain all over the world.

  1. Press-ups to Reduce Back Pain.
  2. Forward Bend to Treat Back Pain.
  3. Cat-Cow Stretch (Pelvic Tilts).
  4. Lower Back Twist
  5. Lower Back Massage and Stretch (Lumbar Rocking)
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Last Modified On:September 25, 2019

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