8 Stretching Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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There are quite a few ways to alleviate the lower back pain. Simple stretching exercises are one of the first and foremost ways of eliminating the pain in lower back. Here we discuss some easy stretches that can you relieve your pain by helping take stress off the low back and hips and may greatly decline the advancement of arthritis in the spine. A poor sleep position can also augment the back pain. One needs to perform these low back exercises in a pain free manner. If one experiences persistent pain without any pain relief even after diligent practice of the mentioned stretch exercises, then it is best in your interest to discontinue the exercises and consider evaluation by your physician.

8 Simple Stretching Exercises For Lower Back Pain

  1. Child’s Pose Stretch
  2. Pelvic Tilt Stretch
  3. Hip Flexor Stretch
  4. Piriformis Stretch
  5. Toe Touch (Standing)
  6. Toe Touch (Sitting)
  7. Standing Backward Bend
  8. Cross Body Toe Touches

Caution: The above simple stretch exercises are for general low back pain, stretching and strengthening the back. If anyone has a prior serious back condition, then it is advisable that the individual consult their primary physician before beginning these exercises. So, that existing medical condition may not be worsened.