13 Common Orthopedic Tests for the Pelvis and Hip

Orthopedic practitioner uses a systemic physical examination approach to completely examine the patient and determine which orthopedic test can be used to diagnose the medical condition of the patient based on the symptoms, painful regions and current medical condition of the patient. There are a wide range of orthopedic tests and screenings for pain assessment and recognizing surgery candidates. This article provides us with vital information of the most common 13 orthopedic tests for hips and pelvis assessment. Each of these tests have their own significance. These orthopedic tests are done based on the painful regions and symptoms of the patient. The positivity or negativity of these tests indicate the correct clinical condition of the patient to diagnose actual medical problem. Just follow on to know more about solutions…

  1. Trendelenburg’s sign.
  2. Telescoping sign.
  3. Pelvis rocking test.
  4. Ortolani Test or Ortolani Maneuver.
  5. Ober’s Test.
  6. Kemp’s test.
  7. Thomas test.
  8. Yeoman’s test.
  9. Patrick’s test.
  10. Nachlas’ Test.
  11. Hibb’s Test.
  12. Ely’s test.
  13. Gaenslen’s test.
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Team PainAssist
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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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