5 Exercises For Rounded Shoulder

What Causes Rounded Shoulders?

Blame it on all the time you spend doing a sedentary desk job, driving, lifting babies, overstraining, exercise without proper guidance or technique, jobs with repetitive hand tasks, all of these activities and many more contribute to the rounded shoulders. Slouching is the most common cause of rounded shoulders. Rounded shoulders occur when the shoulders are in improper alignment with the spine. This can cause many posture related issues, such as back ache, neck pain and shoulder pain.

How To Fix Rounded Shoulders?

In general, as you know exercise is good for your overall health. Similarly, exercises can be excellent in curing various ailments if done under guidance of medical supervision. There are some specific exercises for rounded shoulders can be extremely helpful with rounded shoulders. Perform the following simple 5 exercises for rounded shoulders at home to reverse and prevent rounded shoulders.

5 Exercises For Rounded Shoulder

  1. Doorway Chest and Shoulder Stretch exercise to Fix Rounded Shoulders
  2. Hands Above The Head Doorway Chest And Shoulder Stretch exercise
  3. Wall Press Exercise to Fix Rounded Shoulders
  4. Upper Back Foam Roller Exercise
  5. Internal Shoulder and Hip Rotation Exercise To Correct Rounded Shoulder
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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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