5 Lumbar Spine Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain Relief

How Lumbar Spine Stabilization Exercises Are Helpful for Back Pain Relief?

Specific lumbar spine stabilization exercises can surely relieve your back pain. These lumbar spine stability exercises can strengthen your back, increase the suppleness and alleviate the low back pain. You just need an exercise mat to start with!

Lumbar stabilization exercise is an exercise used by physical therapists to cure lumbar back pain. This form of exercises are specifically designed to strengthen the lumbar back muscles to support the spine, help to prevent lumbar back pain and maintain the neutral spine position.

The patient should be educated and/or trained to find and maintain the patient’s individual neutral spine position. As each patient will be presenting with different problems and there is no “one-size-fits-all” in lumbar spine stabilization exercises. Every patient will have different curvature of spine to some extent, although it may be within the normal range.

Effective Lumbar Spine Stabilization Exercise Program for Back Pain Relief

The patient’s doctor and physical therapist will thoroughly discuss the patient’s medical condition and evaluate and prepare a tailor made lumbar spine stabilization exercise program for that patient, which is appropriate for that patient’s medical condition, ability and body habitus.

Exclusive List of Lumbar Spine Stabilization Exercises

Following are some important lumbar spine stabilization exercises listed below. These should be practiced with your doctor’s advice and under the guidance of physical therapist for correct technique in order to avoid complications due to wrong technique.

#1: Hamstring Stretches for Back Pain Relief

#2: Pelvic Tilt for Lumbar Spine Stabilization

#3: Hip Bridges

#4: Supine Twist for Lumbar Spine Stabilization

#5: Supine Dead Bugs to Alleviate Back Pain

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