6 Mckenzie Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

6 McKenzie Method Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is one of the most common pains encountered by almost every person at one or other time in their life time. The McKenzie exercises were developed by a physical therapist from New Zealand called Robin McKenzie in the 1960s for the first time. The McKenzie Method is also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), is an internationally acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for neck pain. The McKenzie exercises are the most efficient and practiced exercises for neck pain.

The McKenzie Method Neck Exercises should be performed only under the supervision of a fully trained McKenzie Practitioner! It is very important to note that these exercises should not be performed without consulting a McKenzie Practitioner first, as one should fully understand the McKenzie Method Neck Exercises before start doing.

  1. Sitting Chin Tuck McKenzie Method Exercise for Neck Pain
  2. Sitting Neck Extension McKenzie Exercise
  3. McKenzie Side Bending Exercise for Neck Pain
  4. Neck Rotation McKenzie Exercise to Stop Neck Pain
  5. Neck Flexion McKenzie Method Exercise
  6. Shoulder Shrugs McKenzie Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Goal of McKenzie Method Exercises for Neck Pain

If McKenzie Method Exercises are utilized correctly, the achievable goals in a cost-and time-effective manner are to accurately understand the patient’s presentation and behavior of symptoms. Then, the doctor can determine the most appropriate and effective treatment plan for the neck pain. The other goal is to quickly reduce the pain and return to normal function of activities of daily living. With this kind of approach, we can eliminate neck symptoms and restore complete function of the neck.

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