Top 10 Foods For Muscle Growth In Men

Diet plays a vital role in muscle growth. So, here we present the following to Top 10 foods for muscle growth in men.

#1 Fish for Muscle Growth: Fish is a sea food that contains lot of proteins. For muscle growth, protein is more necessary than any other nutrient. If you really want to fasten muscle growing, fish has to be your no. 1 choice food.

#2 Quinoa: This is the best food for vegetarians for muscle growth in getting their daily dose of healthy proteins is to add quinoa in their diet. It is an easy to digest muscle growth food.

#3 Almonds for Muscle Gain: Almonds is a plant based protein-rich food. These are also good source of magnesium and healthy mono-saturated fats, which are augment good health and muscle growth.

#4 Cottage Cheese to Build Muscles: It is one of the top muscle growth food used by professional body builders. Half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese is packed with only 2 g of fat and 14 g of protein.

#5 Oyster: This is rich source of proteins, which help in building muscles and strengthening in men. It is used by many weight lifting professionals.

#6 Milk for Muscle Building: Milk is a calcium and vitamin D rich food, since the immemorial time has been associated with muscle building. It is also an excellent source of essential amino acids.

#7 Red Meats for Muscle Growth: The red meats like pork, beef, mutton and lamb are excellent sources of protein. All nutrients in this particular food can boost the muscle growth.

#8 Soy Beans Vegetarian Muscle Builder: Soy is the rich source of plant based proteins. Just one cup of cooked soy beans offers vitamins, minerals, and over 20 g of amino acids. It is the healthiest muscle growing food for vegetarian men.

#9 Eggs: Each egg is packed with approximately 6 g of protein and is low in calories. The eggs contain proteins that are utilizable form of nutrient with good biological value of any whole food for muscle growth.

#10 Chicken for Muscle Growth: Chicken is staple muscle growth food. Very few foods are as nutritious and delicious like chicken. It is the perfect protein to add to your muscle building diet.

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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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