Elbow Joint Therapeutic Arthroscopy

Elbow Joint Therapeutic Arthroscopy

The Following Diseases Are Treated With Elbow Joint Therapeutic Arthroscopy:

  1. Loose Bodies in Elbow Joint
  2. Bone Spurs in Elbow Joint
  3. Loose Elbow Joint Capsule
  4. Cartilage Damage
  5. Tendon Tear or Tennis Elbow

1. Loose Bodies In Elbow Joint

  • Arthroscope is used to see the loose bodies in the elbow joint.
  • Loose bodies are picked up by the equipment called Grasper or punch.
  • Joint is irrigated by normal saline.
  • Rough surface of cartilage is scrapped and smoothened.

2. Bone Spurs In Elbow Joint

  • Bone spurs are identified using arthroscope.
  • Bone spurs are removed by using a drill and shaver cannula.
  • Bone spurs are shaved while observing live through the arthroscope.
  • The bone spurs or osteophytes are broken into tiny particles.
  • The dust particles of osteophytes are removed by irrigation and picking with punch.

3. Loose Elbow Joint Capsule

  • Segment of loose capsule is identified.
  • Loose capsule is tightened by taking one or two sutures around loose capsule.

4. Cartilage Damage

  • Cartilage damage is observed using arthroscope
  • Cartilage damage is common in patients with history of osteoarthritis.
  • The particles are removed either by irrigation or picking up with grasper.
  • Rough cartilage surface is smoothened by a drill.

5. Tendon Tear or Tennis Elbow

  • Tendon lies outside the joint.
  • Tear in tendon is identified.
  • Complete tear is repaired by taking one or two sutures around torn tendon.

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