Surgical Treatment for Calcaneus Fracture or Broken Heel:

Types of Calcaneus Fracture or Broken Heel:

  1. Non Displaced Fracture.
  2. Displaced Fracture.
  3. Comminuted Fracture.
  4. Compound Fracture.

Surgery for Non Displaced Fracture:

  1. K-Wire placement.
  2. Repair of nor-displaced fracture using Screws only.

Surgical Treatment for Displaced Calcaneal Fracture:

  1. Repair using K- Wire and Screws.
  2. Repair of displace calcanean fracture with plate and screws.

Treatment for Comminuted Fracture:

  1. Comminuted fracture is treated with plates of different shapes.
  2. Screws are fixed once the Plates are placed in location.



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