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9 Amazing Benefits of Laughing Yoga & How to Do It?

Laughing yoga is a type of exercise that involves laughing voluntarily. This exercise intends to cultivate joy and bring out the inner child and get rid of daily stressors. It leaves you feeling happier and healthier.

The laughter is first started forcefully, which then becomes a real one and is contagious. Yogic breathing along with laughter exercise makes a healthy exercise. Laughter can promote a feeling of optimism and positivity. You always depend on external influences to make yourself laugh, learning to laugh on your own is the most valuable tool.

The body cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter, making you simply benefit from any kind.

9 Amazing Benefits of Laughing Yoga

9 Amazing Benefits of Laughing Yoga

Lowers Blood Pressure

Laughing yoga can lower blood pressure by lowering the cortisol levels in the blood. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It increases the uptake of oxygen that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the body’s natural relaxation system.(1)

It is a Great Anaerobic Exercise

Laughing yoga is a great calorie burner. The calories burned by 100 laughs are equal to the amount burned during 10 minutes of rowing.(2) You do not need to go to the waters to burns calories when you can do this exercise at ease of your home and get rid of those extra calories.

Laughing yoga also massages the internal organs.

It Increases the Oxygen Intake

Laughing makes you inhale longer and exhale. This fills the body with oxygen, which is a lifeline of the body.

Improves Concentration

Laughing yoga increases the oxygen intake, which in turn makes the brain more focused and active.

This improves concentration.

Improves the Immune System

Laughing increases the flow of lymphatic fluids and increases the number of lymphocytes that are the killer cells of the body. They help in fighting infection.

As the number of lymphocytes increase, the immunity increases.

According to research laughing improves the immune system to about 40%.

Makes You Happy

Laughing yoga starts with a voluntary laugh and converts into a real one. It is a contagious exercise routine.

Laughter leads to the release of endorphin, a happy hormone. It is also a natural pain killer.

Laugh more get rid of pain and stay happy.

Improves Respiratory System

As you laugh, more oxygen travels into the body and through your lungs.

The lungs get revitalized with this oxygen rush, this improves respiratory health.

Improved Heart Health Benefits of Laughing Yoga

When you laugh, the blood vessels expand. This improves blood circulation making the heart happy and healthy.(3)

A study showed the daily frequency of laughter is associated with a lower prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.(4)

Laughing yoga helps support mental and physical health but cannot replace the current treatment.

Improves Social Connection

Laughing with other people increases social connections and strengthen relationships. It also brings in a feeling of security and safeties, making the person feel more relaxed.(5, 6)

How to Do Laughing Yoga?

Laughing yoga is usually practiced in groups and is led by trained yoga instructors that coach attendees through various exercises, enjoyment, and laughter.

The session mostly begins with simple breathing techniques, clapping, and chanting to help people relax.

Though it may seem silly at first, the intention is to remove all the internal judgment and leave the ego behind.

The session includes improving exercise, citing positive affirmation, yoga breathing work, gentle stretching and meditation. These things are done to help laugh, let loose, and be less serious about self.

Laughing yoga is a great way to let loose, have fun, and feel the joy of laughing again. It has a lot of benefits that obviously need more research to be elucidated. There are no downsides to it, therefore, people from all walks of life can easily participate in it and feel the goodness and be happy.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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