Benefits Of Broga Yoga For Men

There is a thoughtful saying, “Never be so busy in making a living that you forget to make a life!” Most men usually keep them busy in their profession and work so much that they forget to look for their health. And a good health off course makes the life we all want! Keeping self fit must be the prime most concern in everyone so as to have a better opportunity for making good life. Yoga surely is one of the best ways which contribute to a healthy and fit life. However, Broga yoga is a yoga program built especially for men which celebrates the physical over spiritual, celebrates the stamina over flexibility. Isn’t it something interesting? Well! This current article will discuss all about the Broga yoga and the yoga benefits to men. So, let us have a look on what actually Broga Yoga explains!

Benefits Of Broga Yoga For Men

A General Overview on Broga Yoga:

“A new take on ancient tradition of yoga is what Broga Yoga means!” The primarily goal behind the introduction of brogan yoga was to make yoga and its benefits more accessible and more enticing to the men of western countries. Broga yoga clearly emphasizes on hard and effective physical that helps in improving stamina and less of the spiritual part or the recitation of mantras. Not all men find it comfortable to be with the undertones of spiritualism in yoga. Thus Broga yoga was discovered and made available for the western men where they could only learn, practice and get benefits of yoga without being into the spiritual part of this ancient tradition of fitness and life. Broga Yoga is a system which aids in providing the best of health benefits of yoga along with help in building muscles and reducing weights greatly. It is energetic, strong and highly challenging! So if you have been looking for some real amazing workouts without trying to hear about the spirituality or the deities in yoga then Broga yoga is what you want to practice. It combines all of the core exercises, cardio workouts, muscle toning moves, stress reducing and clarity improving yoga postures for the men’s group.

Why Broga Yoga Is The Best Yoga For Men?

Yoga having its tremendous benefits has remained an ancient traditional fitness program which is mainly practiced by female practitioners, when we look at the mass outside India. Western men do not find it comfortable enough due to the social conditioning. They want to do the workouts of yoga asanas, which they find they are good at to start performing as a beginner. And coming to the natural yoga system, where it involves physical moves along with meditation, dance and various other yoga disciplines; the western men find it difficult to start with. So, a specifically designed yoga system for men named Broga Yoga was designed which allows men to do the best of physical exercises in yoga without laying emphasis on the spiritual cultivation or reciting mantras/meditation etc. Broga yoga is flexible enough for men as they do not have to feel uncomfortable being among a lot of women doing the yoga; as brogan yoga classes are only designed for the men. So men get chance to practice yoga with other men in their group and get the best benefits out of entirely physical aspects of the practice in a well supportive environment.

Benefits of Broga Yoga to Men’s Health:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self!” It is very well known that yoga helps us in keeping fit by body, mind and overall health in life. Thus, Broga yoga is surely a boon for the men’s health when learnt and practiced regularly under the proper guidance of the brogan yoga instructors. Now, let us find out some of the most crucial benefits of yoga for men’s health.

  • Broga Yoga Enhanced Athletic Performance: When yoga is done by the fitness personals, athletes etc they find to add many potential benefits to their health and performance. Broga yoga allows the men to work on specific muscles and avoid the other ones which are not required. Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, stamina, concentration and endurance. This assist in improving the athletic performance in men.
  • Broga Yoga Helps In Protecting From Injury: There are fewer chances of injury while the fitness acts and also during the physical activities when brogan yoga is done with extreme seriousness. This is because yoga is known to improve range of balance, motion and mobility.
  • Complete Body Training with Broga Yoga: Men get a total body workout with brogan yoga. While doing yoga, the practitioners get involved with various stretches and perform their move for strengthening every muscle groups required. Yoga works on the entire body without putting more stress to the body. Thus Broga yoga is highly beneficial for the full body fitness
  • Broga Yoga is Beneficial in Reducing Depression: Yoga is known to benefit the mind health. It is true that men are only half as likely to be diagnosed with depression as compared with the women; but they are three times as likely to commit suicide in depression. This is perhaps because of the fact that men usually do not feel comfortable while asking for help or disclosing about something wrong in their health. Doing yoga regularly can help in reducing the effects of depression, boost their mind and keep them positive for life. Men can receive the booster doses of serotonin levels and reduction of MOA which makes this yoga practice a great move for men to fight depression.


Now it is well known that yoga can actually boost your health and help you grow with life strongly. Broga yoga is one such yoga system which allows the men to work on the fitness for physical and mental health without discomforting them in anyways. So, why not look for the brogan yoga classes and the best brogan yoga trainers around you and start with your fit yoga right away?

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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