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Common Mistakes That Can Cause Crohn’s Flare-Up

Crohn`s disease is a serious and chronic inflammatory disease of digestive tract of the body. The general symptoms of Crohn`s include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stools and considerable weight loss. Let us understand the possible causes and elaborates some of the common mistakes that can cause Crohn’s flare-up.

Common Mistakes That Can Cause Crohn's Flare-Up

Common Mistakes That Lead to Crohn`s Flare-up

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in which certain parts of the digestive tract swell, which leads to deep sores in the intestine called ulcers. Crohn`s disease usually is diagnosed in last part of small intestine and also the first part of large intestine, but it can develop anywhere in the digestive tract region of the body ranging from mouth to anus.

Know the Causes of Crohn’s Flare-up

Though there are several theories relating to the cause of Crohn`s disease, yet none of them have been proven yet. It is still to be ascertained as to what really causes this disease. According to scientists and researchers till now, they believe that Crohn`s disease is a result of combination of three different factors of the body which are problems of immune system, genetics problem and environmental factors. When the symptoms of the disease are seen more prominently, it is called a flare-up.

A Crohn’s flare-up may be triggered due to certain factors. Knowing about the common mistakes that can cause Crohn’s flare-up can help in controlling them and seeing timely medical advice. Some of the causes of Crohn’s flare-up include the following factors

Immune System

Somehow, it is seen that the immune system of those suffering from Crohn`s disease reacts inappropriately. It is said that the immune system may be reacting to the harmful microbes of Crohn`s by mistake and hence are continuously active. Over time this chronic inflammation of digestive system results in ulcers and other injuries to intestine. This condition is also seen to be associated with other auto-immune conditions.


Genetics is another cause of Crohn`s disease since brothers and sisters from parents suffering from IBD are more likely to suffer from Crohn`s disease.

Environmental Factors

Scientists believe that environmental factors play a crucial role in triggering Crohn`s disease.

Some of the associated environment factors that can cause Crohn’s flare-ups are:

  • Substances or allergens from which you have eaten something.
  • Various microbes such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Unknown eaten substances.
  • Various environment factors contribute in Crohn`s disease in two ways. These are:
  • They trigger an immune system response or reaction which, once started cannot be stopped.
  • They directly damage the lining of the intestines. This causes Crohn`s disease to speed up.


Diet plays an important role in cases of IBD, since various patients have briefed that certain food items triggers their flares. An extensive research conducted by the Dr. David S. Lee, a gastroenterologist at the Presbyterian in New York city states that there is a very strong connection between inflammation in Crohn`s disease and some of the lifestyle factors. Some of the common mistakes that can cause Crohn`s flare-up mainly revolve around dietary factors.

Few Other Common Mistakes That Lead to Crohn`s Flare-up

Though certain factors that lead to Crohn`s flare up cannot be controlled, but inculcating healthy lifestyle habits and managing your routine can help to a great extent. Yet many people, knowingly or unwillingly, commit some common mistakes that can cause Crohn`s flare-up.

Here are some of the common mistakes that can cause Crohn`s flare-up


Certain lifestyle preferences like smoking are some of the worst common mistakes that can cause Crohn`s flare-up. Certainly, there is a strong link between smoking and inflammation caused by Crohn`s disease. At first, it increases the chances of getting the disease and secondly, if you have it, it worsens it. So, quitting smoking can improvise the health of your digestive tract and the rest of your body.

Overdoing Alcohol

Alcohol can severely interfere with the medication used in treating Crohn`s disease which can cause sensation of nausea and vomiting. In fact, a drug, metronidazole was found to be affected by ingredients of alcohol. Also, alcohol consumption can interfere with the normal functioning of immune system and can contribute to Crohn’s flare-up

Faulty Dietary Habits

Faulty dietary habits and eating wrong foods are one of the greatest common mistakes that can cause Crohn`s flare-up. As diet plays an important role in triggering the condition, choosing healthy foods can also relieve the condition. Hence, it is advised that people with Crohn`s disease must maintain a balanced diet.

Lack of Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Not taking an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the common mistakes that can cause Crohn’s flare-up. According to a study published in the year 2014 in Nutrition Journal, it was found that the patients of Crohn`s disease who were kept on an anti-inflammatory diet which was rich in omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and fermented foods on a period of one month reported reduction in 100% of the symptoms. In fact, they were also able to discontinue one of their prior IBD medications. In general, anti-inflammatory diet is known to keep a check on inflammation and prevent several disorders. However, people commonly indulge in processed, high sugary or fatty foods, which are known to cause inflammation and Crohn’s flare-up.


Since caffeine has a laxative effect on the digestive tract of the body, those suffering from diarrhea in Crohn`s disease were asked to reduce the consumption of caffeine items and monitor if their diarrhea condition improvises.


Stress is by and large one of the trigger factor for most problems. Lack of support and excessive stress is a common problem that can cause Crohn’s flare-up. Working out a routine that suits your problems is essential. You can practice yoga, meditation and have good sleep at night to feel relieved. You can even join a Crohn`s disease community of a group where you have a platform to share your experiences with those who have gone through it. So, always feel positive because this optimistic nature is only one which will get you over this ailment.

Wrong Medications

One of the most common mistakes that can cause Crohn’s flare-up includes randomly taking over-the-counter medications. This is more common with pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medicines, which can worsen Crohn`s disease. For any concerns, it is best to seek medical opinion and take medicines only as prescribed to avoid Crohn’s flare-up.

Skipping Doctor`s Visit

Not following-up regularly is another common mistake that can cause Crohn’s flare-up. Since Crohn’s is a lifelong condition, so you should be very particular regarding your regular checkups. It`s very important that you have a gastroenterologist who monitors your condition, symptoms and body response closely. Also make sure that you talk to your doctor if you observe some changes in your symptoms.


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