Is Colonoscopy Considered To Be A Surgical Procedure?

Colonoscopy is the procedure of examining the large intestine. The doctor carries out the test using a flexible apparatus called as a colonoscope. The tube measures half-an-inch in diameter and has a tiny camera fitted on-board to one end. The camera helps the doctor to view the structure of the colon and look for abnormalities, growth, and polyps. Any presence of such activities will help the doctor to remove the same or offer a treatment that helps in preventing the occurrence of cancer-causing cells.

Is Colonoscopy Considered To Be A Surgical Procedure?

Is Colonoscopy Considered To Be A Surgical Procedure?

Colonoscopy is not a surgical procedure. However, depending on the visuals noted by the doctor, it is possible to perform a biopsy and test for the presence of cancer-causing cells. The procedure involves the use of anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist or given to the patient using intravenous therapy. In addition to performing the biopsy, the colonoscopy also provides the opportunity for the doctor to remove polyps and other growths observed through the structure.

Reasons for Considering Colonoscopy

The reason that the doctor considers colonoscopy is:

Complications Associated With Colonoscopy

Complications occur rarely. However, no single procedure comes without any risk. Your doctor will review the possible difficulties that you can experience due to the test depending on your overall health. A few of the complications include:

  • Colon perforation
  • Bleeding

Factors That Increase The Complications

The following factors increase the complications that you can observe during the procedure:

  • Pre-existing kidney condition or heart problems
  • Smoking
  • Treatment that includes the use of anticoagulant medicines
  • Previous treatment that involved radiation therapy
  • Prior abdominal surgery


Before performing the test, the doctor will carry out a physical examination, review the medical history, learn about ongoing treatment, and ask you to take an analysis of the stool to check for the presence of blood.

It is necessary that you talk openly with your doctor about your medications. Depending on the medicines that you are consuming, the doctor may ask you to stop them for a while or at least a week before the date of the procedure.

On the day of the colonoscopy, ensure that you are wearing loose clothing and have a companion who will drop you home safely.

A clear bowel is necessary for successful colonoscopy. The doctor starts the preparation several days before the actual date of the procedure. You have to follow the instructions offered by the doctor, which will ensure colon cleansing. The cleansing methods include:

  • Use of laxatives that help in soft bowel movements
  • Use of enemas, which are capable of stimulating a bowel movement
  • Use of cathartic medications

Before the day of the procedure, you have to skip consuming solid foods. It includes cream and dairy products. You will be entitled to a liquid diet pill you will be drinking water, coffee without cream, tea without milk, ginger ale, apple juice, and clear sports drinks. You can also consume popsicles or gelatin to do not have blue, purple, or red dye. You should also keep away from consuming alcohol. Finally, if you have diabetes, consult your doctor whether it is necessary to adjust the dose of the insulin.

The doctor administers anesthesia to relax the veins.

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