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What Not To Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

If you are trembling at the very thought of undergoing a colonoscopy test to check for hidden cancer or any abnormalities in the colon, the chances are that the preparation is stocking your anxiety. It is a significant inconvenience: the preparation time requires an average of 16 hours than a mere two-hour period spent at the examination center on the day of the test. However, the most off-putting part of the test is consuming a powerful bowel cleansing intake and handling following diarrhea.

Is it Worth It?

Consuming the powerful bubble cleansing substance is worth the hassle. Colonoscopy provides accurate results related to the help of the colon and spots abnormalities along with small cancers in an early stage. The procedure also helps in removing small projections that can mature into cancer and polyps. Rectal and colon cancers affect both men and women and are the second largest cause of cancer deaths.

What Not To Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

What Not To Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

The following data will be helpful for you to prepare for a colonoscopy.

A Few Days before The Date of the Test: Make a shift to low-fiber diet from your regular consumption. Ensure that you do not consume nuts, seeds, whole grains, dried fruits, raw vegetables or fruits.

The Day before The Date of the Test: Do not consume solid foods. You have to eat only clear liquids such as black coffee, clear broth, clear juice, sports drinks, clear soft drinks, popsicles, and Jell-O.

On The Day of The Test: Like that of the previous day, you have to consume clear liquids only. However, ensure that you are maintaining at least three hours of a gap before the test.

Why the Necessity of Restriction on Foods?

It is crucial for you to empty the contents of the colon to achieve positive results from the colonoscopy. If your preparation is inadequate, the doctor misses on lesions and polyps. Additionally, the time taken to complete the procedure will increase, which also increases the complications associated with the same. In a few cases, it is possible that the doctor reschedules or repeats the test to achieve clear visualization. In such cases, you have to go with another round of bowel preparation.

Doctors recommend different ways to prepare an individual for colonoscopy. It changes according to the health of the patient.

Bowel Preparation

The evening before the day of the test, you have to consume liquids that trigger diarrhea. It will help in cleansing the colon. The exact guidelines that you have to follow will depend on the doctor, prior experience with colon preparation, and the time of the test.

Doctors opt for split dosing method, where you will be preparing the bowel by following half of the instructions the previous night and the remaining half at least six hours before the test. The split dosing method functions efficiently and prepares the colon for colonoscopy. Discussing the preparation with the doctor is essential, as it changes from one person to another.

Tips for Successful Preparation

  • Ensure that you possess the colonoscopy preparation instructions handed over by the doctor before the test date. Make sure to read them thoroughly and follow the same.
  • Make time and privacy that is essential to complete the preparation without any stress.
  • As you have to follow the liquid diet, it is preferable to have a variety of clear liquids. You can go with popsicles, clear broth, black coffee, and clear soft drinks. However, keep away from content’s that have, red, or purple dye.
  • Choose loose clothing and try to remain near the bathroom.


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