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How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally?

Kidney stones affect one in 10 people at some point in their lives. These cases are constantly increasing. Every year, more than half a million people go to the emergency room because of kidney stones, & although most of the time they recover without complications, kidney stones can cause a lot of pain in a short time.

What is increasingly clear is that kidney stones are closely related to lifestyle.

In fact, while only about 25% of kidney stones occur in people with a family history. This indicates that genetics is only a small contributing factor; other elements related to lifestyle such as high blood pressure, diabetes & obesity are factors known to increase risk.

The kidney stone is formed inside the kidney from substances that are in the urine. People who have suffered kidney colic & expelled the stone that caused it will have the potential to form new stones, & probably will have a new stone in less than 10 years.

How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally?

How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally?

The following are some of the ways to prevent kidney stones include:

The Role of Water in Preventing Kidney Stones

The beneficial effect of the abundant intake of liquids in the prevention of kidney stones formation has been recognized for a long time. The high intake of liquid produces a high daily urinary volume that decreases the formation of crystals in the urine & the decrease in the supersaturation of the solutes.

The most important preventive measure, & that serves to all types of kidney stones, is to increase the amount of liquids that should be drunk.

Drink more than 2.5 liters of fluid per day (about 12 glasses), preferably water or fruit juices. Drink until you get almost transparent urine. Remember to replenish more fluids in situations that increase losses: heat, exercise, diseases, & job. Get used to drinking & try to make it a new habit in your daily life.

Diet Can Help in Prevention of Kidney Stones

-Moderate the consumption of salt, meat, coffee & beverages that contain caffeine, as well as tea & cocoa. In addition, the measures you must take will depend on the type of kidney stones that tends to form.

-In kidney stones that contain calcium: Decrease the amount of oxalate-rich foods, like vegetables, legumes, cereals, fruits, nuts &, especially, spinach, beet, any dry fruit, & cocoa.

-Although the opposite has always been advised, it is currently recommended that you do not restrict calcium of the diet (milk & derivatives) as it can increase the risk of kidney stones formation. Be careful with antacids that contain extra calcium.

Increase citrate to prevent kidney stones -rich foods such as lemon, the orange, the citron, the bergamot, the grapefruit, the kiwi, the currant & the guava.

-In those of uric acid: Decrease the consumption of meat, seafood, sausages, cured cheeses, fats, & alcohol. In general, procure to eat more carbohydrates & reduce protein.

-If you are losing weight, do it slowly. Rapid weight loss can cause the formation of uric acid kidney stones.

-In kidney stones that contain cystine: Limit fish consumption.

Complete the kidney stones preventive measures by:

Regular Exercise

Being bedridden or leading a very sedentary life for a long period of time makes you more likely to get kidney stones, in part because limited activity can cause your bones to release more calcium.

Exercise will also help you control high blood pressure, a circumstance that doubles your risk of developing kidney stones. Even small amounts of exercise help to reduce the risk.

Avoid Constipation, because it favors the Repetition of Colic

There are medicines to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Its use depends on the type of stone. They must be prescribed by the doctor & taken according to instructions.

When Should You Consult Your Doctor?

-If you drink plenty of fluids & do not increase the amount of urine or it decreases.

-If a very severe back pain appears again.

-If burning appears when urinating or if there is blood in the urine.

-Go without delay to the doctor before any suspicious symptom.


Prevention is better than cure for kidney stones. A patient who can be genetically predisposed to the problem of kidney stones must take certain preventive measures such as drinking plenty of water & other fluids like the lemonade or other citric fruits, exercise regularly, & avoid foods that could increase calcium, uric acid. It is vital to take a balanced diet.


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