What Would Happen If Kidney Stones Are Left Untreated?

About Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones in medical terms is known as renal lithiasis and are lumps of hard material that accumulate on the inner lining of the kidneys. These stones are normally formed when the urine becomes too concentrated as a result of lack of drinking water or some other underlying condition resulting in the accumulation of these mineral deposits. The size of a kidney stone tends to vary significantly. While some stones may be as small as a pebble, there are stones which are as big as a golf ball and may block the entire urinary tract system causing a variety of symptoms.

Small sized kidneys stones normally do not cause any symptoms and may pass through the urine by drinking more amount of water. The larger sized stones which tend to block the urinary tract may require a procedure to correct it. The most preferred treatment option however for kidney stones is the laser treatment. In this treatment, laser beams are used to break large stones into smaller pieces which can then be passed through the urine.

In cases where a kidney stone gets lodged in the urinary tract then surgery might be required to clear the obstruction. What would happen If an individual with a diagnosed kidney stone leaves the condition as is and does not opt for treatment?

What Would Happen If Kidney Stones Are Left Untreated?

What Would Happen If Kidney Stones Are Left Untreated?

In situations where there is a kidney stone which is large enough that it cannot pass through the urine can block the urinary tract which may cause obstruction of urine. This obstruction further causes pain. If the individual leaves the kidney stone condition as is and does not get it treated, the pain might go away after some time and the individual may think that the problem has been dealt with; however, in actuality the exact opposite happens and the blocked kidney stops functioning.

If the condition of kidney stone is left untreated then it may lead to complete shut down of the kidney resulting in renal failure which will then have severe repercussions for the affected individual. In some cases, the stone may even cause the kidney to get ruptured which is even more challenging to treat.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to treat a kidney stone as soon as it is diagnosed. If the kidney stone is small, the physician may give some pain killers and advice to drink more water to allow the stone to pass through the kidneys. However, if the stone is big then laser treatments may be required to treat this condition. If left untreated, kidney stones may lead to complete shut down of the kidney causing permanent damage and even complete failure of the kidney to function which can be catastrophic for the individual.

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