Why Do You Need To Detox Your Kidneys & How to Detox Your Kidneys?

In this world where we are always rushing, the chances of getting intoxicated are highly probable. Any kind of unhealthy involvements and indulgences like consumption of fast food, partying late, drinking alcohol, high consumption of caffeinated drinks and other stimulants, which help us to maintain the first pace of life also expose our system to toxins. Whenever any toxin enters into our body, the responsibility of the pair of bean-shaped kidneys is to filter them out. Kidneys are one of the vital organs of your body which helps in the process of filtering our food, alcohol, medication and other substances those enter into our body. While carrying out the function of detoxifying our body, often the kidneys fall weak when there is too much of toxins to handle. The slow functioning of kidneys then increases our chances of falling ill.

Why Do You Need To Detox Your Kidneys?

Why Do You Need To Detox Your Kidneys?

It is often the case that the things we consume are not very healthy and results in polluting the organs like liver and kidneys. The pollution defeats the purpose of the kidneys by not allowing them to function properly. If the kidneys fail to function properly various problems most of which are serious in nature will arise. Due to dysfunction in the kidneys issues like renal failure, hepatitis, infection cysts, tumors and kidney stones may occur. Even our whole system may collapse or shut down. In order to prevent any of the above mentioned scenario we need to detoxify or cleanse our kidneys. Building a habit of eating healthy and the right kind of food along with daily exercise is the best way to detox our kidneys and cleanse the liver and kidneys to hello them function finely.

How Do You Detox Your Kidneys?

In order to detox your kidneys regularly, the most important step that you have to take is to increase your daily intake of natural, clean water. You should at least drink 8 glasses of water and if you are athletic and your body sweats heavily as you undergo heavy exercises then you should drink more. The water flushes out the toxins through the urine. Almost colorless urine, which does not have a very strong pungent smell is the sign that your body is not full of toxins. The natural system of our body to filter or clear out unwanted substances is through passage of clean urine. If your urine has a color deeper than pale yellow, it signals that your urine is concentrated. Concentrated urine hints that your body is lacking water and that the detoxification failed. Drinks like coffee, cola and other aerated and caffeinated fluids shouldn’t be consumed as a substitute for water since it does not serve the purpose. It is sometimes said that certain kinds of teas and juices help in detoxification, but medically it is not supported. Even though herbal teas and juices contain very high amount of vitamins and minerals, the drinks also contain high amount of sugar and caffeine which is detrimental to the purpose of detoxification of kidneys.

A healthy person should consume up to 4.7 grams of potassium daily. Consumption of fruits and vegetables which increase you potassium intake is helpful for the detoxification of kidneys. Foods that are rich in potassium are citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, bananas, kiwi, apricots, prunes, sweet lime and cantaloupes, milk and yogurt. Along with filling yourself up with fruits, you must also maintain the level of electrolytes in your body so that there is optimum function of the kidneys. Any excess uric acid can be removed from the body by the process of kidney filtration if you make your habit to consume a glass of grape juice daily.

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