Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs

One of the major social concerns that has always traumatized and tormented the society, as well as individuals, is domestic violence. Its treatment and solutions are always sought after by the society as well as by the victims. Many would recommend that leaving the domestic setting or coming out of the relationship is the best solution. However, in case the problem is not between conjugal partners, but with other members of the family, escaping is not always the solution. Hence, proper treatment needs to be exercised. The Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs are usually six months long rehab programs that are most effective in treating the domestic violence and abuse problems within a domestic setting. Before that, there must be a clear concept regarding this social problem.

Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs

What is Domestic Violence?

Though domestic violence is always equalized with violence against the spouse or partner, it is actually any emotional, physical or sexual abuse within the domestic setting. The abuse is always intentional and the underlying psychology behind such violent activities lies in trying to gain control over another person. It can be the spouse or partner, the siblings, the parents or even the children.

Are the Effects of Domestic Violence Reversible?

The question of, whether domestic violence and abuse is a treatable condition or not, is the most concerning factor. The Rehabilitation Programs are working successfully in transforming the offenders into better human beings as well as in helping the victims to overcome their traumatic memories and experiences. Research studies have proven that by attending the Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme, a vast majority of these offenders have stopped abusing others physically, mentally and sexually. Just as the rehabilitation programs for domestic violence helps the offenders change themselves, the programs are equally effective in reversing the emotional effects of domestic violence in victims.

Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs

One of the most effective treatment for domestic violence is the Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs which are usually six months long rehab programs. The experts, psychologists and professionals believe that the jail and punishment is not the solution to such a problem. These only make the offenders believe that they have been victimised by an unjust legal system and once they are released, they continue to conduct the abusive behaviours.

In the Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program, the experts follow certain beliefs. These include –

  • The abusers or offenders are kind and loving people.
  • They too want a loving, healthy and happy relationship.
  • Either due to an abusive situation or experience in the childhood or through learning, they have misunderstood the process to achieve such a happy relationship.
  • For them, abusing others and tormenting others is only a method of survival, power and to deal with their hidden fear.
  • With time, this behaviour becomes a habit.

The rehabilitation program goes as follows:

Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program for the Abuser:

The Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes work both for the abusers as well as the victims. The treatment methods are certainly different. In case of the abusers, the root cause of violent and abusive behaviour is determined at the very basic level. For that the experts and professionals go through the medical history, family history and psychological history. Research has proven that the practice of the abusive behaviour can be –

  • Acquired or inherited
  • Learned
  • Due to a psychological disorder or trauma that is hidden and unshared.

Here it needs to be mentioned that the drug and alcohol addiction is not a cause of such behaviours, but only worsens the situations. The steps include:

  • Anger Management is Not the Solution: For a long time, the only available treatment solution to domestic violence problems was the Anger Management Programme. However, research has proven and also theorists from different fields have agreed to believe that the cause of a violent and abusive behaviour on the partners, family and even children is not anger, but a suppressed desire to gain control. Whether or not the offender or abuser is angry, they will beat the victims or abuse them.

Many feminist theorists have expressed their opinions that the root cause behind such abusive behaviour towards the spouse or a partner comes from a patriarchal thought process that is built on the notion that men are more powerful and privileged than women and here, Anger Management can have no positive outcome.

The abusers create an atmosphere of fear and violence in the domestic setting. The reason behind this is that they have either grown up in a similar circumstance or they are suffering from a mental disorder.

  • Individual Counselling is the Solution: In many cases, people mistake the couple’s counselling to be a basic solution to domestic violence. However, experts tell that the Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Programs only encourage the individual counselling. This is because, the couple’s counselling is helpful only in a situation where the change in the relationship is the responsibility of both the partners. However, in domestic violence, it is entirely the responsibility of the offender or abuser. In such a situation, couple’s counselling only worsens the situation and the victim has to encounter more traumas once they get back home. In fact, in the presence of the offender, the victim may not be able to speak up about the violence and abuses that he/she has suffered. This does not help the either of the two. Even if they do speak up about their troubles, the offender might abuse the partner even more.

Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program for the Victim:

The victim is also in need for treatment, when she is in the abusive relationship. The basic requirement would be to grow courage and strength in the victim to prevent the abuse or at least leave the situation or the offender. It is in most cases that the lack of confidence to prevent the abuse is the root cause behind the suffering.

Along with that, the victims are also supported to live a life without any dependence on drug and alcohol. Since addiction to drug and alcohol is a common outcome for domestic violence, the victims need support to get rid of such a condition.

However, of course, the success of this entire program lies in the fact that the abuser is ready to take the entire responsibility of the situation. If he refuses to accept the severity of the torment he executes on the partner or other family members, or if he blames others for the abuse, these are signs that the treatment may not be working very well.

How to Choose the Right Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program?

Every state and all major cities have their own domestic violence rehabilitation programs that are mostly conducted in association with the local government. Professional experts, counsellors and psychologists work in collaboration with each other and offer inpatient rehab programs or outpatient programs. Depending on the situation and requirements, the program needs to be chosen.

The factors that need to be taken into consideration for this are –

  • Site security
  • Services that are offered by them
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Length of program
  • Cost of the rehab program
  • Availability of the aftercare program
  • Distance from residence.

If you need help for preventing or coming out of an abusive relationship and are afraid of your partner, you can get legal and social help and escape the abusive relationship. However, if you are hopeful that your partner will change, you need to support him, be patient with him and understand that the rehabilitation process will take time.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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